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Straight away, taking away a bunch from the first chapter: Quote from Doug Harrison: "If you can't afford the people to run the business for you, then all you have is a job, not a business." Delegate efficiently and to the right people so the job gets done right. Proper delegation isn't "get it off your plate", it's "put it on the right plate." (I tried with this analogy haha) Educate your staff to understand the basics of running and managing your business, specifically when it comes to financial efficiencies like the cost of sale. This gives them ownership of how they contribute to it and helps the team focus on the right things. Really good refreshers, would love to hear what else you've taken away from this book OR what other books... See More
Kendall Guinn
Great takeaways! Did you enjoy this book? I have 3 audible credits I need to use! 
I was thinking about the idea of using the They Ask, You Answer methodology to create a stronger and more efficient hiring/onboarding process and the impact it could have.

Here's how I see it playing out:

The potential new hire is framed as the SME.

During the hiring process, we're regularly asking and answering questions between us and them, similar to a content manager interviewing an SME about a specific topic. You go in with knowledge and insight into what you are looking to hire for, and they bring a skillset or approach to fill that.

This back and forth allows us to better gauge if someone is a good fit to work for our company at all, let alone the role they'd be in. So, how can we speed this process up? Craft your job descriptions to... See More
Kendall Guinn
We did start to to take a TAYA approach to onboarding new hires at my old firm, AQUILA. Here are some of the videos we produced specifically for intern onboarding. I don't have access to the intranet anymore but we had these embedded into some webpages that gave you an order of how to watch them. 

One of the videos on the list was sent after they got their offer letter. Another was sent before their first day. The rest were meant to watch once they were started!

We only had just gotten started. Happy to answer any questions you have about what we did!