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Hey all!

I'm writing an article that will provide actionable steps for new Content Managers to take within their first 90 days in order to set themselves up for success (and wow their boss!).

What advice would you give to someone stepping into the Content Manager role at a new company?

Let me know, thanks!!

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Kelly Kater
3 things that I would recommend:
1. Never forget that you don't write for you or for your company.  You write for your customers.  Focus on what they want to learn, what they're asking, what they're searching for, and provide it.  It's very easy to get caught up in what you want a prospect to know, but that will never produce quality content.  Whenever I plan an article I start with the questions that are now neatly provided in Liz Murphy 's Compass.  I'm not exaggerating when I say this:  every time I struggle with a blog, it's because I am skipping this step and not speaking to my audience.

2. Organization is critical.  Keep a detailed spreadsheet of all the articles you write, and essential info about each.  For me, that's the title, summary, hyperlink, date published, date updated, and if it contains pricing.  We recently revised our pricing and this last piece of info saved me a significant amount of time and energy.  This sheet also doubles as a resource for my sales team- they can do keyword searches for a topic and find the content they need to send to their customers. 

3.  Have a kick-ass coach like Brian Casey who won't let you take an easy out.  I still struggle to write good conclusions that don't all sound the same and he calls me on it Every. Stinking. Time.