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Hi Everyone,

I am currently seeking a copywriter with a healthcare or mental health background. We prefer someone in the New Haven/Shelton/Trumbull area. If you know someone, please let me know. See More
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I'm someone who loves to read business, leadership, marketing, and overall Professional books 24/7 however I've been challenging myself to read other books recently to try to balance things out and not burn myself out on professional reads.

The two books that I've been really enjoying are Billy Martin: Baseball's Flawed Genius & The Bomber Mafia.

So I'm curious, what books have you been reading that are moreFunreads vs. Professional? How do you keep yourself balanced?

Allison Melnik , Chris Duprey , Chris Marr , Greg DeVore , Kaitlyn Pintarich , Tony Paille I know y'all are readers, share some titles! See More
Kayleigh Mihalko
I loved that book! 
I recently finished reading Oren Klaff's book Flip the Script and it's been on my mind for days as I tried to separate the useful bits of strategy from the stories and examples that made my blood boil. (His other book, Pitch Anything, is still on my list...)

Which got me wondering a few things...
1. Have you read this book? Did you feel the same way? Is it just me?
2. What's the worst business book you've ever read and why? How about the best?

Also, anyone want to weigh in on a few other books I have on my list to read? I'm considering: Think Again (Adam Grant) Game Thinking (Amy Jo Kim PhD) Hooked (Nir Eyal) A World Without Email (Cal Newport) Badass (Kathy Sierra) Gameify (Biran Burke) The Forever Transaction (this one was just delivered... See More
Kayleigh Mihalko
I can recommend Hooked by Nir Eyal. I still use the hooked method when developing content, a project, or directing other people's work. 
I'm re-reading They Ask, You Answer, and I am challenging myself to do one new article for each section as I read. My side business is my needle felting art, not your typical TAYA audience. Here is a cost article I am working on: www.needlefeltedfuzzies.com See More
Hey guys,

Liz Murphy and I record Content Lab each week. I use Audacity to produce it, but I find it to be glitchy at times.

What is anyone else using? (preferably something that's free) See More
Kayleigh Mihalko
I use Davinci Resolve to do all of my editing for my podcast and everything else now. It is amazing and free. Watch this short YouTube video and you will know everything you need to know about the program. youtu.be
I just wrote my "best of" article as part of my journey in writing "The Big 5" and spent a lot time trying to figure out what the most effective title would be. The customers I'm trying to target don't necessarily know that they need "website archiving", and therefor don't search that phrase.

However, since I know what it's like to be a customer in the "website archiving" space, I've typically searched for the phrase "best Wayback Machine alternatives" when I was in the research phase. The Wayback Machine is the most popular website archiving software available, and therefor that's what people will think to search against.

I was quickly validated when I saw that 2 of my competitors had created articles referencing the Wayback Machine.... See More
Kayleigh Mihalko
Nice article! I did not realize there were so many alternatives. I too have had to resort to Wayback Machine for a few clients to retrieve information. 
Hey Content Managers! Since you would probably be the go-to for newsletters, I'm looking for tips, ideas, examples, and inspiration you use for newsletters. These could be examples of newsletters you really like, sections you enjoy seeing in the newsletters, or maybe even things you really don't like seeing!

I ask because I want to continue innovating our IMPACT+ Digest that I send each Tuesday as well as looking for inspiration for a new project I'm creating about events (top secret information).

Can't wait to see what this group sends my way! See More
Kayleigh Mihalko
I tend to like email newsletters that are consistent and I know what to expect. Every Monday I receive one from Mark Manson called Mind F*ck Monday. He wrote the book Everything Is F*cked A Book About Hope.

I know what to expect and about how long it will take to read. 

Each weekly email has an intro and then three things of his choosing. Here is his intro from this week's email:

Welcome to another Mindf*ck Monday, the only weekly newsletter that doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. Each week, I send you three potentially life-changing ideas to help you become a slightly less awful human being. You can read a web version of this newsletter on MarkManson.net.
Now that everyone has set their Goodreads goal for 2021, I thought I'd share these personal reading lessons with you :)

Choose your books deliberately Read every day Don’t go anywhere without a book Don’t suffer shite books Don’t lend out your books Buy your books (from an independent) and build your library Build your ‘antilibrary’ (source) Stick with great writers Build a re-reading list Make a plan for what you want to read Don’t get distracted by new books Don’t get distracted by what or how many books other people are reading Make sure your kids see you reading physical books
What would you add/remove from this list? See More
Kayleigh Mihalko
Love this list! The re-reading list is something I have been seriously thinking about for the past couple of months and didn't have a name for.  Now I have to make a shelf on Goodreads for me re-reads!