Katie Martens

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Good day all,

I was wondering how you go about carving out, blocking out, or blacking out time when you 100% need to focus on writing and writing alone.

This is something I've struggled with in the past so I was wondering how you've had success as fellow creators of content.

Onevery small thing I've been training myself to do, and set the expectation of, is that I will only be checking email at the top of the hour. We have other means of internal communication but I know those email notifications can sometimes pull me out of that writing groove that I like to get into.

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Katie Martens
I'm in kind of a unique situation -- a small company and a significant time difference. it's easy for me to schedule writing time because I'm the only one working past 2pm (save for the occasional message from my boss). so, I get my writing done when nobody else is around.

but similar to some other comments, I try to set up a working environment where I can just block everything out and get the writing done. snacks and my favorite local radio station always help. pre-pandemic I would sit down at a coffee shop for a few hours and get the words out, but switching spots from my desk to my kitchen table does the trick for now. :-)