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IT support and cybersecurity

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IT support and cybersecurity

Can anyone point me in the direction of some bio video examples. I want to show some examples for our sales team before they consider what they're going to say in theirs.

Thanks for your help!
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Hello! I recently wrote an article and pitched it to our local newspaper for an upcoming insert specific to my industry. Great news is that the editor liked it and is going to publish it! Bad news is that due to space constraints she had to significantly reduce the length of the article. I understand the minimal approach for the newspaper article, but there's a lot of good stuff in the full article that I really want to post on our blog. However, it doesn't make a ton of sense without the very specific parts that are going to run in the newspaper article.

I'm not sure that a canonical link makes sense here since the article on the blog would have significantly more content than the newspaper article, but I also don't want to risk getting... See More
Katherine Garratt

I'd rewrite the part that was published (to avoid annoying the newspaper and duplication) and post it onto a PR distribution platform - see if any other publications pick up on it. You can often add a link back to your website within the article on the PR distribution site and it may get picked up by Google News if find a good paid for platform. It depends on the article though. Good luck :)