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With a highly creative mind and an artistic eye, Jorge combines his technical computer proficiency with video and motion graphics background, to lead the production of marketing and corporate videos for online consumption.
If you like to do fx first like color correction, you can totally do that and get those all set before continuing on to do the actual edit - and to make sure you aren't slowing down the playback, you can toggle all those fx on and off easily (including cc on master channels)...
Did I know this neat little trick before last week? no thought I'd share in case anyone else could use it! (More to come I'm sure)

What're your tricks that should be obvious, but maybe could help someone else out? See More
Jorge Escamilla
This will change my workflow for sure! I used to leave CC for last so it would only process the 30-second edited clip, rather than doing it on two camera angles for the full 20-minute interview. Thanks for sharing!
I've found making templates for folders in Finder, and Premiere/AE templates have saved me a lot of set up time.

I have a template folder that has all the parts of post production I need, along with a premiere file already loaded with commonly used assets.

Do you guys have any other tricks for templates/repetitive tasks for post-production? See More
Jorge Escamilla
I'm an automation nerd so the answer is most definitely! We use Asana to track projects, and have tweaked rules/workflows to the point where a Google Drive folder is created when a project comes in, and necessary parties notified via Slack.
In terms of templates, I made a "Social Ad" template which consists of a big 1920x1920 comp where we do the animation, taking into consideration the borders of different output resolutions (wide, square, vertical) so the critical content always remains within the visible area. This has allowed us to export different resolutions without having to reformat the content significantly.
I also used expression controls to guide where our logo is positioned (or if it's hidden), thumbnail selection (gets exported as a single frame at the beginning of the video), and exporting stills to go with the social post :)
Looking forward to hearing other template stories, and happy to share further info with anyone who is interested.