Jordan Sanders

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Hi everyone,We are creating sales bio videos at CharityEngine and I'm trying to get a sense for how long a video should take to product from start to finish. Assuming it has the subject and some b-roll and some photos of the salesperson's hobbies (here's an example bio video that Impact shared We have a videographer on staff but I'm trying to get a sense for how...
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Jordan Sanders
Hey Dave!

My formula for bio videos goes like this:

1. I send a list of 10 questions to the staff member ahead of time, so that they can think about their answers a little bit. I ask the same 10 questions for each video, but sometimes ask follow-up questions too.
2. I schedule 1 hour to film the video. This includes sitting down for the "interview" portion where I simply ask them the 10 questions, and shooting some b roll. At the end, I ask the employee to send me some personal photos the pertain to things they mentioned in the interview. 
3. Editing usually takes me 1 1/2 to 3 hours for each video. This can vary based on the length of the answers you get. The first video I did took longer as I was determining the style I wanted all bio videos to have. By the last employee's bio video I was flying through the editing process.
4. I send a draft to the employee to make any minor changes before publishing.

Here are 2 of my favorites: