John Phelan

Joined August 2022
Imagine you’re a salesperson who is just about to finish your Discovery/Sales call with a client.

You’ve gone on this fantastic monologue about the benefits of your services, hit all the points, vanguarded, worked through all the most common roadblocks a buyer might have, and nailed this discussion.

You are wrapping up your final thoughts, getting them to the next steps, and you hit them with...

“Does that make sense? Any questions?”

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Let's talk stress for a moment and how to quantify it...

Developed by Lt. Col Jeff Cooper (and later amended by Lt. Col Grossman), The Cooper Color Code System of awareness gives us a baseline to identify the psychological condition we are currently in.

The System includes four colored Stages (White, Yellow, Orange, Red; *Grossman added Grey and Black), and directly describes a person's mental state during a stressful event.

Most of these...
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In his book, No Excuse Leadership, Brace Barber stated:

You are capable of so much more. It is imperative that each of us discovers that we are capable of achieving more. Our perception of difficult comes as a result of our frame of reference. The current struggle is put into perspective compared to all the other struggles of our lives.

What does that mean?

Each of us has been thru “something.” Sports, war, work projects, parenting,...
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Think back on your life and those moments when your heart rate went from rest…to…MAXIMUM beats per minute. The good ole “Fight or Flight” response. We’ve all been there.

Looking back on those moments:
  • Would we have acted differently if we had a few moments to compose ourselves, and then act?
  • Did we really need to say that in heat of the moment? Ohhh, memories.

Now, hopefully, none of our coaching calls, sales calls, website throwdowns, or...
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