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Are there any resources out there on what the different HubSpot tiers really offer? I always struggle to find the right answer since there can be a lot of intricacies involved and no way to provide a high-level overview of what upgrading gives me. See More
Joe Bachir
Hey, Connor DeLaney . There are a couple of articles that I always pass on when I get this question.

First is the HubSpot pricing page. I think it does a decent job of giving you a nice table that shows you what you get in each tier-

There is also this pricing guide that breaks down the tools you get in each tier and does a good job of going into who would be a good fit for each tier-

Hope this helps!
Hello IMPACT+ World!

Let’s get back to basics with a robust discussion about getting started with HubSpot.
How do you do it? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? (And most importantly, what are some fun FREE resources to help business leaders decide if this is the right move for them.)
To kick things off I’m going to share a resource that I recently published: The ultimate HubSpot Marketing migration checklist (because if you’re going to make the switch, you should know what you’re getting into first!)
I’m also going to call out some fellow IMPACTers to kickstart this discussion (and throw kerosene on this comment thread!)
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Joe Bachir
I like this topic! Great place for someone who is just getting started with HubSpot. I'll try to share something that I think doesn't get enough love.

HubSpot has projects ( that can guide you through onboarding or getting started in a super easy to follow checklist sort of way. Something like the "Implementation - Onboarding Project Plan" which is a pre-built project offered by HubSpot even highlights various courses that would be great to take to catch you up on things like workflows and the email tool. 

However, this is for someone who has already signed up for HubSpot.