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Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

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I am a IT consultant; IT Specialist and motivational speaker. I love inspiring others to follow their dreams and to not  give up no matter what. Don't let anyone say you can't do something. If you have dream, you have to fight for it, and protect it. 
Dear Lindsey,

i will make sure to make to make time to finish or if I have to start over and take notes on the fundamentals of videography. See More
Dear Impact Plus community,

My business coach thinks for right now, it would be a good idea if I want to, to change the Calendly copy from this

1.) Welcome to my scheduling page. Please follow the instructions to add an event to my calendar

to this

2.) Welcome! Click below to choose a time for us to have a phone conversation about your concerns!

This is my version:

Welcome! Click below to choose a time for us to have a phone, video, 1-on-1 conversation about your concerns! See More
Dear Impact plus community

This is my video to make it easier.

See More
Dear Liz,

I have tried, but there is no way that I can change the numbers in the table of contents to bulletin points without restarting over from scratch.

I only managed to change the title.

https://beacon.by/jimmys-computer-service/5-church-cybersecurity-disasters-and-how-they-could-have-been-avoided See More
Dear Liz and Stephanie,

First of all, I should start off with off, thank you for the warm welcome, from both of you.

I am forever grateful and thank you for your help, support, and kind words. It means a lot to me. I have put my heart, soul, sweat, and tears into this. See More
Dear impact plus community,

I am left with a very difficult decision. With financial resources limited and resources in general highly limited. I don't know which one of these I should go with, based on the in-depth information and examples that Tom has provided. They're both great ideas and I love that.


But I am using the Basic Calendly Package and it would cost me $12/month for the pro. To add allow me to add more content

For option 2, Create an " in-between" landing page and hire a professional videographer to do it right in how it is in the sample. See More
Dear Community,

I had a coffee mug and pen made as part of my contest/referral giveaway as a way, that whoever my first customer would be, for in need of my services and actually pay me would win that prize.

But the problem; i can't add use the plugin raffle press because I need to be a paid member.

So it is going to have to be straight content.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this? See More
Dear community,

My original CTA button for my website, before I changed it, Get a Free Quote. I was using that for 3 to 6 months but nothing was happening. Then I changed it to what it is now. Should I keep what I have or is there something better? See More
Dear community,

Here are the revisions I did. Please let me know what you think. I did the best I could.

https://beacon.by/jimmys-computer-service/5-church-cybersecurity-disasters-and-how-they-could-have-been-avoided See More
Dear community, I was wondering if I can get a review on this, for any revisions or improvements that need to be made. It is for my bio page.

Broken down:

Here's what I do: Help churches and small businesses avoid hackers, cyberattacks, viruses, and Identity Theft

Here's how it helps: Nobody has extra time to deal with the loss of time, security, and money and then recover what was lost

Here's how to get it: Just cust me My assessment and review is free and a client only gets charged for what they really need.

I have a question about this as well. Should I put a CTA under this as well.

1st Draft:

I help churches and small businesses avoid hackers, cyberattacks, viruses, and Identity theft. Nobody has extra time to deal with the loss of time,... See More
Dear Community,

I am going to start with the good news first. I have been working extremely hard on this project doing it from scratch. After three tries, I found a program that allows me to create it. So, finally here it isJimmy's Computer Service | 5 Church Cybersecurity Disasters and How They Could Have Been Avoided (beacon.by)

The bad news, I tried to reach out to my website designer, to see if he can fix this for me, because I really don't want to start over from scratch. beacon-by is saying that I have to be a paid member and pay the $49 monthly If I want to uses the feature PDF download. Right now, what I have posted is the smart PDF which is non-downloadable.

I don't know what to do. Should I start over from scratch again? Should I... See More
Dear community,

All of these application programs want me to ay a subscription if I want to utilize the downloadable pdf feature so instead, I had to create a smart link out of it again.
beacon.by See More
They finally came in today. This will be my first test run of a promotional giveaway for my first customer who needs me for my services as part of my networking/ referral strategy . They will get a free mug, pen, and a business card. See More

Dear community,

Just want to say for someone that is not certified in anything or has not gotten their CompTIA A+ Certification yet but overcoming nothing but adversities back to back and earning two degrees in the last 6 1/2 years is saying another thing. Because knowledge is power. See More
Dear Community,

Been working hard, and the leadmagnet is almost done, it is not perfect. I have decided instead of spending more money to have someone make one for me, I would create one myself but use the blog content. See More
Dear Community,

Besides the lead generator, because I am not sure how long that will take me to get done. And I don't have the money to make it easier for me and save more time to have someone create one. Because I have been in business for 10 years and no sales. My main focus is to get conversions, but don't know. Any ideas anyone, please. I know this is embarrassing and probably not a good idea to post, I have invested $58,000 into my dream. See More
Dear impactplus community,

I have tried and tried, and searched and searched but I have made a mistake. I did not write down the original one-liner(sales pitch) that I came up with. Not sure how to salvage this. or mend this. But the only thing I have now, is Connor's version: Connor's version:

Thanks to Connor, he was to able find the original.

Original 1st Draft:

"Most businesses struggle with knowing how to mitigate cybersecurity attacks. I help them mitigate data breaches, enable growth, and to help keep people’s valuable information safe."

Most businesses don't have time to think about their cybersecurity needs. We take care of your cybersecurity so you can focus on running your business.

My version;

Most businesses don't have time to... See More
Dear Community,

Thank you for the warm welcome. This is my first challenge. As I don't know where to begin. I am trying to create a lead generator( inbound lead generation) something of value that I can give. But I can't think of anything.

The steps:

1.)The topic would be on cybersecurity and churches
2.) Content for the pdf.
3.) Designing the pdf.

Question: Does anyone know anything that would be of value that customers would want?

Thank you for your time, patience, and assistance.

See More
This is Jimmy Beasley, the President and Founder of Jimmy's Computer Service. On behalf of Bob and Connor, it is truly an honor and privilege to be here with you guys and becoming a pro member. Truly want to thank Bob and Connor for all they have done and for getting me set up. I am looking forward to learning a lot as there may be, if it would be alright with the community if I could get some feedback on things that I already have. I would greatly appreciate it. And again it is great to be here. Looking forward to seeing what impact pro has to offer.

This is my business:

https://jcscomputerservice.com See More
Not to pull at your heart strings, but in reality, I am trying to do exactly that. I'm looking to buy a lighting kit for photography and video recording that's easy to use and pretty portable to move around for my girlfriend's birthday. She has a personal baking account with ~4k followers and I want to help her make it even better without having to always rely on natural light for photoshoots or tutorials.

What kits or tech would you recommend? Pricepoints and places to buy them are a plus!

Thanks :) See More
Jimmy Beasley
@ Steve Hoffer  , What do you reccommend for a studio kit, for beginners. Because right now I don't have the necessary tools to complete my bio video. So I have no idea what to do.