Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

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I am a IT consultant; IT Specialist and motivational speaker. I love inspiring others to follow their dreams and to not  give up no matter what. Don't let anyone say you can't do something. If you have dream, you have to fight for it, and protect it. 
Dear IMPACT Plus Team,

The Website is 99% done. Once it is completely done. I will put all my time and energy into my WHY project.

Since I will have to do this alone. I am looking for one person who wouldn't mind helping me refine it. See More
Dear iMPACT Team,

I finally just finished the work with my lead magnet, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in testing it out and providing the feedback. It will take a few minutes for the pdf to show up in inbox.

mailchi.mp See More
Dear iMPACT Plus Team,

I hope this video works this time. See More
Dear iMPACT Plus Team,

I hope everyone will be able to watch my 2nd version of the bio video, and if it is okay if they can provide feedback as I did my best. Because I am ready to edit if it needs to be edit and then upload to my website and see what happens. See More
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Dear iMPACT Plus Team,

This is the second version of my bio video I just did just now. I know no one will laugh. But I am asking nicely again, please don't . As I am HOPING this is a major improvement from the first one.

I did create an outline for it and I realize it's a tad bit longer than the first one. I just don't want to spend forever redoing this over and over again. When I can edit and polish it up. See More
Dear iMPACT Plus Team,

I have not taken a shot in my bedroom because I just don't have space, it's too clustered.
But I took down the curtains in my living room. This is the best I can do and I hope it is what you are looking for. See More
Dear Impact plus community, sorry I have been absent for some time and didn't get to accomplish what I wanted to do. But I was admitted to the hospital this morning because of severe side effects to my medication.

So, it will take me a couple of days to recover. See More
Dear iMPACT Plus videographers, I don't want to lose my motivation but I don't know what else to do. Don't have the money to get better lighting or I never even done a script. I don't have a problem taking off my hat, but with something as important as this, I prefer to do it right and that means getting cleaned up with a haircut.

What should I do? I don't want to lose my drive? My motivation? See More
Dear iMPACT Plus Team, I know this is a bit long and I apologize. I have decided to let you guys be the judge in how it turns out.

See More
Dear iMPACT plus Team, I don't know if there is anyone here familiar with Simon Sinek's work or not. But I have been working on this project for a year if not more. But so many people have rejected me .

I can't do this alone, so I am asking nicely if there is anyone that can help me. I worked with 8 people on this and nothing. One person said that my theme was adversity. See More
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Dear iMPACT plus Team, sometime today I will be doing my first "RAW" Bio video. It will be my first and I will be nervous but I will do my best. But most of all, to be honest, I will be myself. Then if I feel if I need it needs to be edited I will edit. if not, I will upload it as a link to this main topic of discussion. See More
Dear iMPACT Plus Team, I have finally completed this course over the weekend, Inbound Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization
Now the pros for this course are as follow very useful and helpful information. It will take me a while to absorb and comprehend. But I think I understand what Carina Duffy is saying here.

The only thing, coming up with the right headline, is finding the right words to get people to download my free download.

The second course I have completed this weekend. Crafting "Selling Seven" Videos That Convert
Love the course the most. Will Schultz , some of the content he provided in each of these videos were very helpful.

The only thing that worries and concerns me is that after I completed the course, if I did... See More
Dear iMPACT Team, the seller was nice enough to provide a discount in the sense, I became his first customer working with him, and instead 5 FAQs he gave me 10 instead. I would appreciate it from everyone if I could get some feedback.

What Is Cyber Security?

In this cyber age where everything is online, it is important to keep all the data secure. Through cybersecurity, we can protect our IDs software and hardware from digital threats. These attacks aim to destroy the systems, get access to important information and misuse it.

Why Cybersecurity is important?

Cybersecurity is vital to stop the offensive approach of attackers to keep your personal and professional data safe. It should be practiced religiously. It will help you to keep... See More
Dear Impact plus community, Does anyone have any sales ideas that have worked for them that could potentially work for me. I need help in generating sales? See More
Dear Impactplus Community, since time, is against me in a big way, and what I mean by that is, invested $57,843 and no ROI. Been in business for 10 years and no sales. Been six years since graduation and nothing. The FAQs are already being worked on then I will add them to the pricing page first, as far as the content with headline questions before that, there is nothing I can do about that.. Then the last thing to add is to view the pricing button at the bottom. See More
Should I spend more money to have someone come up with frequently asked questions for my business website or not? See More
Dear Impact Plus Team, Tom DiScipio has informed me that option 2 in creating a "in-between page, like the one on the website that was linked in the main news feed. Like this one sample from another company would be the best route to go. But I also did not want to waste upgrading my basic plan to pro for calendly, so I added 5 more events to the booking page.


The only difference is that I don't know what I can provide of value unless I can use the rate sheet that I had created professionally.

But the biggest thing I don't know how to create this and then add it to my website.

Is there anyone that... See More
Dear Impact plus Community, I don't want to make the same mistake again. The problem is this; 1.) Should I have my two promotion mugs replaced but put the website address or not? The first two did not have my website address? Please be honest. Thank you. See More
RAN INTO A NEW PROBLEM - I am currently using Yoast SEO plugin for my business website. My business website is using WordPress. Now the problem is I am no SEO specialist, I wish I was.

My business coach has informed me that I am nowhere near the first page of google. And I am doing everything I can to get on the first page of google. I have no experience in using Yoast SEO. I have meta tags, descriptions, and snippets.

Does anyone have tools or resources that can be helpful? I would be forever grateful. See More
Bob Ruffolo and Impact + Team, The package of the gifts you sent came last Saturday. And I don't know what to say. Love the card and sports bag as well. I finally got my lavalier lapel mic that is perfect for my vlogging kit so I can start doing my video bio See More