Jim Schultz

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We've seen a LOT of businesses and clients close their doors or downsize due to the pandemic. And while I feel we've done a really great job around creating content around COVID and insurance (I own an insurance agency), it didn't feel like enough to me.

So, I created this video/email and sent it out to all our commercial clients.

I'd love your feedback. And also, I'd love to hear what your response would be.THANKS!
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Jim Schultz
Hi Kaitlyn - I appreciated the relevant question, and my wish for you is meaningful feedback and conversations as a result.  What's the subject line to the email?  Our biggest challenge at AES is recruiting top talent into the interview process as we continue to grow.
Hey Y'all,

I'm got something truly exciting for you today, and it's all in this 5 minute video:
Assignment Selling Content - Win a $50 Gift Card!

That's right, I'm giving away two $50 gift cards to the best examples of Assignment Selling across all the clients we're working with here at IMPACT.

This is for sales, marketing and leadership teams to get involved in, and the competition is going to be set high!

Here are the details:

  • Send your...
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Jim Schultz
Great work  Emma Stanton !  Congrats on exhibiting a fundamental principle in our vision!  Thanks Chris Marr for the continued push in our improvement.

Thanks to Liz Murphy for a great article about Revenue Teams!

I'm wondering if anyone else is embracing this model in your organization?

As our first and only marketing employee, I already "live" in the sales department. I participate in all of our weekly sales meetings and activities, and my goals are directly tied to sales goals.

I've been adamant that while we need more marketing manpower, we should not create a separate marketing...
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Jim Schultz
Chris Marr we will have all the sales reps at AES complete as part of their individual job scorecard under the AES core value of Always Be Learning.  A completion target of Q1 2021 (March) for the current 8 sales reps.  Keeping plugging away  Stephanie Hurd  and hopefully your leadership team buys in!