Jeffrey Roth

Joined October 2020
Hey all -- Quick question regarding video equipment. As a company, we're in year 4 of our existence, starting from scratch. Over the past four years, I was able to get VERY good at doing a lot with very little. As we get into TAYA, specifically the video aspects, we are trying to be fiscally responsible AND meet the expectations of the TAYA philosophy. If any of you have made the jump to invest in video equipment, would you be willing to share what type of budget you were working with, and what you felt was necessary? You can email me at if you'd like! Thank you in advance! See More
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Hey All - new member to the community! Starting our journey with the TAYA team and philosophy. Held our kick-off meeting last week. Scorecard completed - we're off to a good start with work to do. One of my assignments was to identify and share two tasks we are going to tackle immediately. Task one - Start Training up the Content Manager and the Videographer on staff. Task two - Attack the low hanging fruit (after the web throwdown today) with the Website UX. Excited to get moving! See More