Jasmine Beausoleil

I teach French small business owners how to get more visibility and leads with social media marketing.

Joined June 2021


After studying graphics and arts,  I founded a family while studying Naturopathy I started my first business consulting which filled within 6 months. But as more and more clients were consultants looking to get marketing advice from me, I closed my practice, went back on the corporate market as an admin/ HR as well as a military training officer, and studied marketing. When my education was finished I opened my agency (at the same time as I got divorced) and grew into a profitable agency within 8 months. 

Now, I run two marketing agencies and another business with my boyfriend.
And do you plan to keep anything you've been doing the same, as we go "back to normal" ish?Be honest. Be as brief or as long as you'd like. :)
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Jasmine Beausoleil
Hi Liz, 
Great subject! Video is BIGGER and BIGGER online! 

I've been doing video on and off for many years. Last year, I decided to get serious about it. I try my best (even though my 70h/w) to pull off at least 1 video per week. My editing isn't what I would like it to be (it's very basic) and I'm FAR from doing what I really want with video (interviews, better vlogs, different locations and WAY better editing), but it's a work in progress. 

About half my clients saw me on video first (YouTube mainly - I don't get much ROI from FB unless I put money on it.). So I think that's really good! 
Sorry, this is long...

Here's the portrait:
Back in 2020, I had a consulting/social media management agency. I was tired and wanted out of having my hands in the production part of things. You know "work on your business, not in your business", so I hired my first full-time employee.

The pandemic hit, we lost a few clients but gain way more. Which is great but still had my hands shoulder-deep in the production part of things (aka doing the...
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How can I get more viewers on Facebook. I used to get over 100 viewers on my Facebook live show. Since I have been streaming with another service and not Facebook, viewers have declined.
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Jasmine Beausoleil
Do you promote your "lives" in advance using stories?