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Hey folks, I'm in preliminary talks with a potential client about improving the Careers section of their existing website.

As I was thinking about all the content they could (and should) have in an online career center (embracing a TAYA approach to recruiting) I started to wonder if a company should have a mini site (like a subdomain) or if their career center should be part of their existing site.

I posted the question in the Agency Leaders...
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Janet Mendez
Connor DeLaney Thanks for tagging us in!

Winnie Anderson   I'm in total agreement with Connor here. Career Centers should live on your main domain, unless there are really clear and purposeful reasons for having this live on a subdomain like the considerations Connor mentioned. 

The reason being is that there are a few drawbacks to having a subdomain: 

  • As Connor mentioned, you may get lower search engine rankings for a subdomain versus a main domain. Subdomains are treated as separate entities by search engines, which means that they don't benefit from the authority and backlinks of the main domain.
  • Maintaining multiple subdomains can also be more complex than managing a single domain, depending on the CRM since each subdomain could require its own configurations or design.
  • At times users on a subdomain may get confused or unsure about which part of the site they are on. This is mostly the case where the subdomain has a different design or navigation structure than the main site.

I hope this helps add some food for thought here!
Has anyone checked out the new HubSpot's new AI tool, ChatSpot?

Curious to hear what your experience has been so far!
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Hi all! Becca Manganello encouraged me to share my content update process. I've been using it since last June to keep our entire company (16 of us) informed about new blogs on Zoe Marketing & Communication's website.

Each week, I send out a simple email + quick Vidyard (2-3 minutes tops, usually) highlighting the new content. I try to mention how sales can use it, and/or how it's valuable to our in-house team — as well as folks that...
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Janet Mendez
Great work, Kim! I love this!
Working in a virtual environment can be tough!

You want to make sure you all stay connected and have that bond that is so important to be successful and thrive day to day.

Here is a list that @ Janet Mendez helped me pull together to make our team bonding a priority.

I can definitely tell you that #11 "Who Da Baby?" was the team's favorite!

  1. This or That
  2. Virtual Team Building Bingo
    • We get a bingo...
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Janet Mendez
Marcella Jalbert  Definitely a hit! 
"For many of us effective multi-tasking is nothing more than just effective delusional thinking." - Brad Stuhlberg, Peak Performance

Ouch! For as long as I can remember, I've prided myself on being a professional multi-tasker, gaining pure satisfaction from how many boxes I could check off at the end of the day (and I know I'm not the only one). Yet no matter how many tasks I winded up touching in a week, I often found that I was still not...
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Hey all!

Wanted to share a great article I found on bounce rates. Of course, we're all worried about bounce rate on our sites, but how often do we know what it's really saying about the pages on our site?

Check out the 12 Reasons Your Website Can Have A High Bounce Rate.
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Google's recent Helpful Content Update means that we all need to be on our A-game when it comes to content writing. With Google's new machine learning algorithm, Google will be able to better identify sites that provide truly helpful information to its users. This means that content primarily written to rank for search engines will be less likely to perform well in search rankings.
So here are 5 things you should do in order to get the most...
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