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I help leaders draw straight lines to success.

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A lot of business leaders try to take on too much. 

They fill their calendars to the brim and wonder why they fill overwhelmed and outmatched. They keep their hands on tasks and projects they shouldn’t. 
They slow the growth of the company because they can’t get out of the way.

That was me.

It took a few wise mentors to help me understand that helping others get into proven processes and making them the superstar is how a business grows.

I built a highly successful real estate company with my family and sought after RE coaching practice in my 20s. Then moved to a Chief Marketing Officer position for 3 successful award-winning companies in my 30s. In my 40s I’ve been a full-time business coach to CEOs and Sales & Marketing leaders. 

Along the way, I’ve kept my passion and college major alive by creating media and podcasts to help others see what success looks like from a successful leader's perspective. That brought me to TAYA to help many more become THE trusted voice in their space.

Focus on impact and the attention you want for your organization will follow!

Jake Jordan
They Ask, You Answer Coach
I had a conversation today with a TAYA client that went like this:

Sales Leader: I want to concentrate on doing outbound prospecting.

Me: What will make you more money quickly, improving outbound skills or selling to current customers?

Sales Leader: Hmmm. (grin) Probably working with current customers.

Me: Why is that true?

Sales Leader: We have already earned their trust and we know a lot more about them as a company.

Me: So should we work on outbound training the next few weeks?

Sales Leader: Nope. You said it, let's go after the revenue!

It's easy to get caught up in your own priorities and deadlines. They become very important because YOU make them important. Unless you have someone asking the hard questions though, it's easy to go off... See More
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Hello all, at my TAYA client we have a content creation process in place. The SME's (sales and engineering) get interviewed and the articles are created; there are several moments where the SME's can give feedback. The article then goes into the ready for publication folder after everyone has approved the final version.

We are now running into the situation that the SME will give feedback and ultimately approve the article. But then when it's published they come with changes to it again. Any tips, or ideas on how to handle this?

It frustrates the process yet we want the SME's to stay on board and at the same time not demotivate the writers.

Hoping to hear how you've (or would) handled this. Thanks in advance!

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Jake Jordan
Do you warn the SME's they are getting interviewed? Do they have time to prepare?

Can they do research before the interview is conducted? Can you create a space where 'the whole team' gets to review it first, with a deadline?
Right now our pages are not getting indexed, or are getting indexed very slowly. What can we do to expedite this process?

The Guardian is a well-known news publisher that gets indexed on Google the same or next day for every new page they make. We need help with a process to get indexed in a similar manner for our content marketing campaign.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for all your help. See More
Jake Jordan
This is a frustrating one Kyle!

Like many things Google, they say 'it can take some time'. Here is an article though that can help you check all the proper places to make sure you are in tip-top shape!

-Robots.txt file updated
-Check for 'noindex' tags
-Add internal links (for faster internal discovery)
-Check console after the work