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I help leaders draw straight lines to success. #TAYACoach

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A lot of business leaders try to take on too much. 

They fill their calendars to the brim and wonder why they fill overwhelmed and outmatched. They keep their hands on tasks and projects they shouldn’t. 
They slow the growth of the company because they can’t get out of the way.

That was me.

It took a few wise mentors to help me understand that helping others get into proven processes and making them the superstar is how a business grows.

I built a highly successful real estate company with my family and sought after RE coaching practice in my 20s. Then moved to a Chief Marketing Officer position for 3 successful award-winning companies in my 30s. In my 40s I’ve been a full-time business coach to CEOs and Sales & Marketing leaders. 

Along the way, I’ve kept my passion and college major alive by creating media and podcasts to help others see what success looks like from a successful leader's perspective. That brought me to TAYA to help many more become THE trusted voice in their space.

Focus on impact and the attention you want for your organization will follow!

Jake Jordan
They Ask, You Answer Coach
Please drop a comment of congratulations to these 5 newly certified They Ask, You Answer sales professionals from the Fire & Ice team!

1. Luke Watson
2. Bryan Carnahan
3. winson snelling
4. Roger Bakies
5. Brad Angel

These five have successfully demonstrated success with They Ask, You Answer and mastery in using video throughout the sales process, hosting highly effective video calls, using sales enablement content to educate...
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Jake Jordan
Congrats all! Super deserving after the ringer we put you through :)
I'm working with a client to bring on their first Content Manager. After considering everything we've been using for this process (Course: How to Hire a Content Manager, Onboarding Guide for CM, Job Post, Evaluating Interview Skills) I don't remember anything mentioning TAYA awareness/involvement in the hiring process?

What are the reasons why you would or wouldn't dive into They Ask, You Answer from the get-go?

Thank you Liz Murphy John...
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Jake Jordan
Nate - great question. A couple of thoughts here. In my How to Hire a TAYA ready salesperson course I recommend using the principles as part of the hiring process itself. 

  • Give them homework around specific TAYA skills
  • Tell them where it comes from
  • Let them know these are skills they will be using

Another way I've seen it done with our clients is to have them do a book report on TAYA as part of the interview process. (At least when you get down to a top 2-3 best candidate convo)
Greetings everyone!
I'm curious if anyone has experience or stories with implementing TAYA with a nonprofit?
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Jake Jordan
Connor DeLaney There are quite a few non-profits using a combo of TAYA and StoryBrand principles to create beautiful communication strategies. Here are a couple that come to mind:

Disability Network:


The main thing I see fall off for most nonprofits is the consistency of weekly writing. As you will see for these two "good" examples :)
One of the great joys of putting your customer's questions in the middle of your thought process is hearing feedback like this.

"What you are doing is amazing. You are the source we come to when we need to train our new reps."

That's the feedback one of our clients Dolphin Solutions Ltd just got from one of their biggest clients this week!

They have created such a robust set of articles to help understand how to buy and pick out commercial...
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If there is one thing I've learned as a content creator, it's that the basics always work.

Here is a fantastic post on LinkedIn about classic SEO strategies that still work great!


I love #1 and #5.

Any that you find really useful in 2023?
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Hi all! Becca Manganello encouraged me to share my content update process. I've been using it since last June to keep our entire company (16 of us) informed about new blogs on Zoe Marketing & Communication's website.

Each week, I send out a simple email + quick Vidyard (2-3 minutes tops, usually) highlighting the new content. I try to mention how sales can use it, and/or how it's valuable to our in-house team — as well as folks that...
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Jake Jordan
Kim Kovelle  Love the Slack celebration channel!

I just got off a leadership call with a client and we were talking about adoption too. The thing that resonated with their team was to put their radar up to capture little bitty wins every day.

An example was to share 2-3 minutes of a sales call where the prospect was commenting on how helpful the content they got before the call was super helpful. Ect

This allows us as leaders to get more people involved in the company with evidence, not just warm and happy words!
This morning in our IMPACT Slack, Connor DeLaney posted a great question and as soon as the responses started rolling in I knew we should all weigh in here in IMPACT+!

He said: What are some great quotes you live by, enjoy, or have written on your wall? Or, what’s a great spot you find quotes you love? I’m building up a list and looking for some inspiration.

Some great responses off the bat included...

John Becker shared his favorite:
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Jake Jordan
Tom DiScipio  Ohhhh - I like that 2nd one a lot!
What's the most challenging part of assignment selling for YOU?

React with your answer and feel free to explain why in the comments!

Heart Finding a balance between assigning too much and too little content.

Thumbs Up Moving forward when the prospect ignores the assignment.

Curious Getting your team on board and bought in.

Celebrate Getting comfortable using video.

Is it something else? Let us know in the comments.
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Jake Jordan
I'm consistently hearing about sales teams not always know what content they should be using in the current stage the conversation is in.

Anyone have tricks on how they organize that well for the sales team to understand??
Are you getting spooked by the "R" word?

Does the fact that customers are taking a little bit longer to make a purchase put you on edge?

Fear not.

There are ways to give you confidence in times like this. And it's not just some inspiring quotes.

Although those are nice too.

Instead, check out this workshop we are holding March 17th....
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I'm sure we've all thought twice about Marcus' encouragement to talk about our company's (or clients') problems and elephants in the room.

This is an example of how it can even work for animals.

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Jake Jordan
This is so amazing! I know lots of people like a good challenge. Great example :)
Did you know that using content as part of your sales process typically improves close rates between 6-20%?
(see ref in comments)

That means if you talk to 100 qualified leads that you could get 12 more closes on average!!

Ummm, yes please.

Anything that gives me that kind of lift is going on my "have to figure this out" list.

So here is the layout of how to get started:

1. List the top 5 questions people have when they get on the phone with you....
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It's where a lot of leaders start.

They sell the service, they make the coffee, they build the product. And there is nothing wrong with that at all!

But if you want to get more profitable, you have to GET OUT of the doer chair quickly.

Whether you are making 500K or 5MM, there is probably something you need to hire for or delegate today. Check out a couple of other concepts too that will stop you from breaking free of the "Struggle Zone" as ...
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Long ago a mentor told me that -

"You can't do everything, but you can do anything."
Do you know the reason why?

It took a little bit for that quote to stick for me. Eventually, I realized that it meant I was too spread out. I had too many things on my plate. I was trying to focus on too many things at once.

Scenario #1 - One year I wrote a book, gave 3 keynotes and grew my portfolio 37%.
Scenario #2 - The next year I lost 12%, left another book...
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If you don't understand the buyer's journey, it will be difficult to move customers through it.

And if you can't move customers through the buyer's journey, less people will buy.

The video below is an overview of the buyer's journey:
- 3 models of buyer's journeys
  1. HubSpot: Awareness, Consideration, Decision
  2. Eugene Schwartz: Problem Unaware -> ... -> Exploring our solution
  3. In Market / Out of Market
- The difference between the buyer's...
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Jake Jordan
This is SO good Anj. If you don't write this down for the WHOLE team to see then it's impossible to talk the same language. and things will continue to get missed. Thanks for showing us what it looks like :)

What does being at your best look like? Well for me it's making sure I get to the gym most days of the week. Let me explain why: I've been doing CrossFit for almost 10 years now. I used to coach classes. I even met my husband at a CrossFit gym. If I'm not in the gym, we have a problem; it has a huge impact on how I show up everywhere else in life. So I prioritize fitness because it makes me an all-around better person. It truly is...
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Jake Jordan
I have 3 non-negotiables to stay at my best. (And a whole lot more things that I try to keep improving)

1. Great sleep - get restored so I can start ready
2. Prayer/meditation - clear my mind and prepare my spirit
3. The gym - stress my body so it can respond to life's stress

If you wanted to dive deep into all sorts of protocols for life, this is a great place to rabbit hole:
Just stop the framework that you have been using.
It’s not doing you any good.
Know why?
Because you are forgetting why you started using the framework to begin with. Seriously. I saw it this week with two different clients. They had an amazing framework (TAYA - assignment selling)
But they weren’t using it right. So they aren’t getting results.
Know what I’m talking about?
Here is an example. Ever seen people at the gyn that are...
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There is 1 thing you could do this week that would improve your TAYA efforts by at least 30% - and I'm being conservative.

Document your buyer's journey.

And I don't mean write down some steps on a piece of paper or a word document. I mean map out the steps simply for your whole team to see.

Why is that important?

Because we all stay distracted. The things that are most important to your work should be easily accessible.

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There is a technique used in
  • powerlifting
  • yoga
  • pain management

...and a host of other places where we need full focus.

It goes like this.

Let's pretend I am doing a heavy repetition of a weight-lifting exercise like a squat. It requires that I coordinate my body and focus on taking LOTS of weight as close to the floor as possible and back up.

At this moment you need to be fully present and concentrate on your form. This allows you to bring...
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Perhaps the most underutilized tool in every HubSpot portal is the HubSpot Project Tool.

What can you do with the HubSpot project tool? Quite a bit:
  • Create your own projects and project templates.
  • Utilize a library of project templates designed by HubSpot.
  • Assign specific tasks and due dates to specific team members.
  • Collaborate and discuss tasks with team members.
  • Provide task details with screenshots, pictures, videos and links.
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Jake Jordan
My biggest challenge with Hubspot is that there is SO much you can do. It's nice to have these templates to help me get started.
Do you ever feel like your feedback falls on deaf ears?

Do you ever feel like you're just not getting through to the people you work with?

You're not alone.

Giving clear and honest feedback is something that I've personally struggled with all my life and it's something that I've only recently become OK at lol

But seriously, let's be real. Giving feedback is hard.
And yet it's one of the most critical elements of any normal, healthy personal or...
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Jake Jordan
I love the micro-yes question. It creates that moment of buy-in to know if you have permission to EVEN GIVE the feedback. Haha!