I help leaders draw straight lines to success. #TAYACoach

Joined June 2022


A lot of business leaders try to take on too much. 

They fill their calendars to the brim and wonder why they fill overwhelmed and outmatched. They keep their hands on tasks and projects they shouldn’t. 
They slow the growth of the company because they can’t get out of the way.

That was me.

It took a few wise mentors to help me understand that helping others get into proven processes and making them the superstar is how a business grows.

I built a highly successful real estate company with my family and sought after RE coaching practice in my 20s. Then moved to a Chief Marketing Officer position for 3 successful award-winning companies in my 30s. In my 40s I’ve been a full-time business coach to CEOs and Sales & Marketing leaders. 

Along the way, I’ve kept my passion and college major alive by creating media and podcasts to help others see what success looks like from a successful leader's perspective. That brought me to TAYA to help many more become THE trusted voice in their space.

Focus on impact and the attention you want for your organization will follow!

Jake Jordan
They Ask, You Answer Coach