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I recently finished recording and sending a 5-minute video to our sales team to walk through a new email campaign that starts today. This campaign “roll-out” was the video (with animated thumbnail) and a bit of summary text in an email. That's it and the response to it has been positive. It hit me that a year or two ago this would’ve been a 30-60-minute video meeting or an in-person one where everyone had their laptops. That blew. my. mind. I noticed I'm using short videos in place of things that may have been lengthy meetings before as well. It's also my go-to when I experience that “this is getting way too complicated” friction writing an email. My Vidyard library confirms that shift when looking at videos recorded each year: 2019... See More
Jack Nunziato
Yes VidYard is incredibly powerful for professional services!! Most consumers haven't ever seen this type of personalized communication style so it really brings that WOW factor. Keep at it!

I'm looking for some ideas or information on where to start with hiring some additional help for the marketing team.

The Background: I work for a regional IT company (managed service provider) based in Virginia. My title is "content manager", but I'm more of a one-man marketing department at this point. I work closely with the CEO to develop content and execute our inbound + TAYA strategy. Right now I do nearly all of the content writing, plus a lot of other tasks like updating the website, tweaking HubSpot, developing lead magnets, etc. I enjoy the work but the "one man circus" thing is limiting our publishing cadence for strictly TAYA content -- which I know is going to hurt us in the long run.

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Jack Nunziato
Huge, positive step and would like to keep updated on your dilemma here! I think hiring internally brings a ton of great value. Just have to ensure you're hitting the metrics and creating regular pieces. Working in tandem with a content partner can yield great results (we have two team members on our content marketing team a the moment!)

Nice work Blake
Perhaps there’s many ways (I’d be in that boat as well) but what’s one thing that looking back to when you started on IMPACT+ you go, “wow, [insert year before joining] me wouldn’t have done that or recognize 2021 me.” In my case, I’ve noticed that IMPACT+ has helped me define the type of marketer I am, the type of marketer I want to be, and given me the confidence to go boldly forth in that direction. While that may seem broad, it’s permeated my professional life. A prime example is what I’m doing right now: I perhaps didn’t have the level of confidence before to start a conversation like this, share my thoughts on a subject, or weigh in to help others. 2021 Adam is more engaged and active in professional communities now which has... See More
Jack Nunziato
Seeing a lot of positive changes at our company because of the critical discussions we're having on marketing, sales, and connecting with our audience on a deeper level. Keep at it Adam! 💪🏼
Hey all!

I'm writing an article that will provide actionable steps for new Content Managers to take within their first 90 days in order to set themselves up for success (and wow their boss!).

What advice would you give to someone stepping into the Content Manager role at a new company?

Let me know, thanks!!

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Jack Nunziato
I wish I knew how important marketing is to the success of an organization! Really starting to understand the power of educating your client and building trust by being a thought-leader in the space. So important and an ethos of what I now stand for!