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If the Big 5 topics were people, this is the question that the cost and price topics would be asking your business.

Businesses love the idea of the Big 5.

They want all the amazing benefits that the Big 5 promises.....

Our buyers have more power than ever when it comes to the way that they research and purchase products and services.

They have come to EXPECT companies to provide them with the information they need in order to make an informed...
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Evelyn Gascoyne
My biggest revelations are: 
1) it doesn't have to be complicated - write about an aspect of cost or what factors put prices up/keep them down, instead of trying to bite off the whole 'price' thing at once.
2) if you struggle to explain it with words, would a visual aid be better? A diagram, a table, a colour coded snippet from a spreadsheet - whatever it is, it will help the reader identify and compare more easily. 

Those are my two biggest "light-bulb" moments when it comes to cost and price! 
Hi there, Content Community!

We are working full steam ahead at the moment, but for various reasons, are struggling to get any lead time on our content.

I've tried pausing publishing to build up a backlog and have tried to work on additional pieces per week to slowly build a backlog, but as of yet; no success there.

I was wondering - do you have a backlog and work with a lead time?
If so:
  • How long is your content lead time?
  • How much content...
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Climbing a mountain is a lot like work.

It is a difficult and monotonous task sometimes. The goal is to get to the top of the mountain and see that amazing view from the top. (and post to Instagram about it, haha)

Or is it?

Two types of climbers

We had the privilege of hearing from Brad Stulberg this past Friday, co-author of the book Peak Performance.

He talked about how climbers approach the journey with two different approaches. One way is...
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Evelyn Gascoyne
Jake, love this! My partner is a seasoned munro-bagger and plans his routes to knock off as many of them as he can in one go - his mountain days terrify me. I went on one with him a few weeks back where we did 4 (Scafell Pike, Broad Crag, Ill Crag and Great End in the Lake District in Cumbria). The weather was not good and made for slippy conditions, and when we came to a famous part (Bad Step), we had to scramble down it instead of up (usual route), he kept telling me "you can do this, this is easy, just think about that view", and all I could think about was "where do I put my foot next to get down". Well, the tops were so foggy we couldn't see anything, and the boulder fields were gruelling. When we got back to the car, I was so proud of the 4 mountains we had climbed and we had a good laugh along the way, but my partner was still disappointed that we didn't get the views. Such an interesting way of looking at mindset in leadership. Do you focus on the peak or the next scramble? 
Do you ever get offtrack?

I certainly do.

It's not because I don't know know what is important. It has more to do with distractions in a million forms.

So one of the BEST things we can do in our TAYA journey is stay extremely clear. I had a conversation yesterday with a client that illustrates this really well.

Check the video out to hear how to get clear. on what content is. most important for them right now.

P.S. - My dude Brian Casey has a...
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Evelyn Gascoyne
Jake, are you a butcher, because that was CLOSE TO THE BONE! Great insights here, thank you for sharing! Can I share this vid with my team? :)