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I'm due to graduate in October, and as a long-time employee I'm come to realise that there's a BIG gap between employee + self-employed TAYA coach.

I love all the content and new skills I've picked up and put into practice from the TAYA Coaching Certification program. It's been challenge but a super-rewarding experience.

But now, I really want paying clients.

I would love to hear from both sides of the fence - if you're crushing it and are...
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Can someone at Impact please share what you charges for the different levels of TAYA Mastery? Eg. I am aware there are 3 x plans: Fast, Faster & Ludicrous mode (lol couldn’t help myself) And also, you have a plan for small businesses too, right? This will give me a benchmark to help me figure out my own offerings in Australia, cheers!
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