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Buying a home is not the easiest task to accomplish. Afterall where do you even begin. And then when you get into the process how do you know if you are getting a fair interest rate. What is a fair or acceptable interest rate anyways? Aren't all the rates the same? "I don't understand finances, just give me what you think is best." just push this button and it will just work out." All the advertising out there says its easy. It's not easy...
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Erin Fults
Great to see you here jumping in with writing articles, Jeff Farnham ! Love it. 

All the feedback so far is excellent. 

Formatting an article so it's scannable will increase the chances it gets read. The header tags mentioned in the other comments are critical for that and SEO. 

Bullet points are another formatting option to help with scannability. This works particularly well with info like you have in the second paragraph. Instead of listing the interest rate factors in a long sentence with commas, bullets will make it easier to read. 

Great work! Excited to see you jump into your TAYA journey. 
I'm due to graduate in October, and as a long-time employee I'm come to realise that there's a BIG gap between employee + self-employed TAYA coach.I love all the content and new skills I've picked up and put into practice from the TAYA Coaching Certification program. It's been challenge but a super-rewarding experience.But now, I really want paying clients.I would love to hear from both sides of the fence - if you're crushing it and are...
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Erin Fults
Hi Eug- Although your original post was over a month ago, I'm just seeing it. If you're still looking for ideas, here's what I've been doing to get coaching clients. 

A few weeks back, I facilitated an invite-only, no-charge TAYA workshop. I invited some existing clients and a few business owners in my network. 

That resulted in a sales conversation with a client about coaching. Still in progress there. 

My thought process in offering the workshop was two-fold: 
1. Get reps delivering the workshop content. 
2. Intro clients and colleagues to the framework to start conversations around what it would look like for them to implement in their business.