Drew Griffin

Joined March 2021
Good afternoon!

I am working on a Cost of Inaction Calculator for higher education. Have any of you developed a similar tool for your companies/verticals? Specifically, my company works with colleges and universities to develop enrollment solutions. The purpose of this calculator is to help institutions understand that "doing nothing" also has a cost.I have a certain formula I'm using focusing on Net Tuition Revenue. Choosing to do nothing...
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Hi there! I am pretty new to sales and would love to get recommendations on podcasts, authors, leaders, etc., that you find interesting. I want to immerse myself in any sales/marketing/organizational content that you think may benefit me. I am a big fan of works from Simon Sinek, Chip and Dan Heath, and Patrick Lencioni. Also, I appreciate any tips or advice you want to share with a "newbie". Thanks in advance!
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