Douglas Burdett

Sales and marketing coach. Host of The Marketing Book Podcast.

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Sales and marketing coach and host of The Marketing Book Podcast. Former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, agency owner, and stand-up comedian. 

Too many companies hemorrhage money on agencies because they want to feel like they're "doing something" and because they mistakenly think they cannot do it themselves. The clinical term for this condition is "marketing agency addiction." 

But there is a cure. It involves companies taking control of their own marketing efforts and creating various forms of content that transparently addresses their customers' fears, worries, questions, and concerns. Doing so builds trust fast and generates dramatically more sales.

I'm now on a mission to eradicate marketing agency addiction from the business world, one business at a time.  


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Certified Since September 2022
Alright, this is one of my favorite times of the year! Take some time, and send a personalized video to people with something specific you are thankful for about them. After you do this, comment below! Let's hear your story!
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Douglas Burdett
Stefan Christensen great idea - will do! Separately, during the agency mastermind session yesterday I learned about your sales mastermind from  Connor DeLaney  - is that something I may attend in the future?