Dia Vavruska

I work with our certified They Ask, You Answer coaches to help grow their businesses!

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I work with our certified They Ask, You Answer coaches to help grow their businesses!
Is it a thing? Has this discussion come up before?

This question came up in an off-topic conversation in Cohort 9 when considering the challenges of solopreneurs taking on larger companies.

I'm curious, from the community and fellow cohorts before us if anyone has:

1. Has collaborated in a coaching engagement?
2. Has any interest in doing this?

If there were any interest, it would be cool if Impact+ could help shepherd the process in any way....
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Dia Vavruska
Hi Nate - You're not alone in wondering about this. Others in the cohort ahead of you (Cohort 8) have been thinking about the same thing — sharing trainers to work across several coaching businesses. We haven't explored this option, but that's not to say it can't work.

I'm sure Chris Marr will offer his thoughts/advice on this topic too. We'd be happy to open up this discussion or introduction to other coaches pondering the shared personnel structure for supporting their work.

For your attention,  Hannah Eisenberg Darin "Doc" Berntson  
Hey Impact(ers)!

They Ask, You Answer is quickly re-shaping my world as a soloprenuer (digital brand strategy and web development in Webflow/Shopify). After joining the recent Certified Coaching Cohort, I'm considering how to re-focus and refine my product offerings into a couple monthly options based on:
  • They Ask, You Answer Coaching Mastery
  • They Ask, You Answer Website Mastery

I'm looking for clarity on the web side of things- I've read...
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Dia Vavruska
Hi  Nate ! I think we answered many of your questions offline with the support from  Vin Gaeta , but there isn't a formal roadmap of what They Ask, You Answer Website Mastery looks like yet (at least not something that can be shared externally). 

That said, I want to make sure others see the same resources we gave to you! We'd recommend going through the following IMPACT+ courses:

We also highly recommend watching some of our website throwdowns. These are session recordings of IMPACT website strategists picking apart company websites specifically looking through the lens of what a great They Ask, You Answer website should include (technical and content elements). Watch a few of these to get a sense of how our strategists view and analyze client websites.

And, the HubSpot They Ask, You Answer "Trust" template is now LIVE in the HubSpot Marketplace! Now, any business interested in following TAYA and StoryBrand framework best practices can use this template for their website. 
I'm sure we've all thought twice about Marcus' encouragement to talk about our company's (or clients') problems and elephants in the room.

This is an example of how it can even work for animals.

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Dia Vavruska
Haha! I love this,  Winnie Anderson  ! Very transparent about who she is lol I hope even the world's worst cat can find her forever home :) 
I spent almost 20 years in HR and have spent the last 15 in marketing. I'm looking to pivot into working with mid-sized service-based businesses to implement TAYA strategies in their staffing/retention strategy and processes and I'd like to connect with anyone who is currently doing this or connect with HR folks who'd like to talk about how to use this approach to build your brand as an employer of choice.

(I've been out of Impactplus for a...
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Dia Vavruska
Winnie Anderson  - I'm the Director of IMPACT's Certified Coaching Program and I work with marketers around the world who are actively shifting their business models over to guide clients through the They Ask, You Answer framework. I'd be happy to chat with you about what we're seeing from other coaches in this space and/or pose an introduction to some of them for you! 
Can someone at Impact please share what you charges for the different levels of TAYA Mastery? Eg. I am aware there are 3 x plans: Fast, Faster & Ludicrous mode (lol couldn’t help myself) And also, you have a plan for small businesses too, right? This will give me a benchmark to help me figure out my own offerings in Australia, cheers!
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Dia Vavruska
Eug Soh - IMPACT's small business solution starts at $5,000/mo. and goes up from there. We originally launched packages based on how fast an organization wanted to go (Fast, Faster, Fastest). As we've evolved, we're really focused on making sure that the correct work is getting done and moving at the right pace the team can sustain. Some organizations opt to include sales team training or other services specific to their needs and how aggressive they want to be when diving into becoming a They Ask, You Answer business. On average, our typical clients are investing approximately $10,000/month for 12-18 months. That said, I'd love to hear from other partner coaches on how they're structuring services and pricing models. Especially for individuals/solopreneurs.  Danielle Navas-Brandt   Erin Fults   Thomas Palermo  - can you share your thoughts?
Hey folks :)

The second issue of my letter will be dropping into your inboxes on Thursday.

I have a big question for you to reflect on today that's going to encourage you to think more about:
  • What client behaviors negatively affect our people?
  • How can we stop this from happening and get better fit clients?
  • How do we educate our clients about the kinds of behaviours that are acceptable?
...and when you read the letter, you'll see that there's...
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Dia Vavruska
I’d love to hear from members of the community what experiences and challenges you’ve faced within your agency.  Steve Phipps  ☒  Lara Black  any thoughts on this one and what your team has seen?
Hi everyone!

I'm curious to know where you go for information to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening in inbound marketing. Who do you trust for the latest trends, solutions, and innovative ideas?

What podcasts, communities, thought leaders, and blogs do you follow? I'm looking to ramp up my involvement in more communities and networking.

Thanks in advance,Dia
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