Videos for Small Business

Joined June 2020


Over twenty years of writing, producing, shooting, and editing videos for small businesses. Originally, the plan was broadcast news and longer-form storytelling, but I found my way to local cable advertising. If you're chuckling at the genre I work in that doesn't get a whole lot of respect, know that I actually prefer to help small businesses succeed with video. And I have primarily worked remote - as in no shoots - for upwards of 10 years. I've been relying on client-provided photos and videos, stock footage, music, and voiceovers from online resources for a long time - working from the home office long before it was COVID-cool. But now it is pivot time. Past pivot time, actually. It's time to introduce my clients - hundreds in the database - to something other than local television ads: sales and marketing videos that answer their customer's questions and engage all the way. The business challenge: convincing small businesses they can or should adopt a video first mentality AND track the results.  And then how do we as video professionals deliver them the training they need for the DIY videos and call us in for video production support when they need 'hero' content produced with better ideas, scripts, direction, cameras, sound, and polished editing