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Simplifying Online Ordering for Infrastructure Companies

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I'm responsible for E-commerce at Lion Safety and have spent 5 years in Sales up to this point.
I love They Ask, You Answer and the concepts behind it, and I'm also looking to learn how we can make it easier for the customer.
There is a technique used in
  • powerlifting
  • yoga
  • pain management

...and a host of other places where we need full focus.

It goes like this.

Let's pretend I am doing a heavy repetition of a weight-lifting exercise like a squat. It requires that I coordinate my body and focus on taking LOTS of weight as close to the floor as possible and back up.

At this moment you need to be fully present and concentrate on your form. This allows you to bring...
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Daryl Michel
Jake this is very helpful. I used this technique unknowingly yesterday after our discussion on Thursday about websites and asynchronous comms.Friday I had a lot to get done and physically didn't feel like it. But one task at a time and a simple plan, helped to focus into what was needing looked at presently. Other communication and distractions sat as they were, and then I looked at them at a designated point in time.#poweroffocus
Whether I'm looking for metadata on a webpage, troubleshooting Google tag implementations, or proofing content, Chrome extensions make my life so much easier.

For example, a few months ago I learned about an extension called Detailed SEO (details below). Thanks to this tool, instead of spending an hour using several convoluted processes to find key on-page SEO information, I suddenly had a trove of valuable insights with one click.

I realized...
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Daryl Michel
LastPass is a must! I moved all saved passwords from Chrome and Edge to LastPass and went all-in on safe storage. There are so many sites that I need logging into (and securely) that I needed an app/program I could access across devices.
If the Big 5 topics were people, this is the question that the cost and price topics would be asking your business.Businesses love the idea of the Big 5.They want all the amazing benefits that the Big 5 promises.....Our buyers have more power than ever when it comes to the way that they research and purchase products and services.They have come to EXPECT companies to provide them with the information they need in order to make an informed...
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Daryl Michel
Hannah, what I think was most revealing for me, was what Jake told us about this week when reviewing TAYA in bookclub - the curse of knowledge!I find I don't talk about something because my subconscious brain makes the assumption that a particular piece is common knowledge, and that I shouldn't 'bore' somebody with it.In fact, what we know to be true is the opposite, that talking about the seemingly obvious is so powerful because no-one else is doing it! πŸ’―πŸ’₯πŸ‘Œ
Are you interested in learning about SEO but you're just not quite sure where to start?
I've totally been there.SEO can be a complex topic.It’s something that all the content managers that we work with want to learn more about but the complexity of the subject makes it difficult to know where to start.

That’s why I want to share The HubSpot Academy SEO Certification course with you all.This course is the perfect way to get started learning...
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Daryl Michel
I love this Hannah! It's exactly what I was looking for.What I'd also like to know more about is how this works specifically for online ordering platforms. Products and product categories and how this links to Google etc.
Do you ever get offtrack?

I certainly do.

It's not because I don't know know what is important. It has more to do with distractions in a million forms.

So one of the BEST things we can do in our TAYA journey is stay extremely clear. I had a conversation yesterday with a client that illustrates this really well.

Check the video out to hear how to get clear. on what content is. most important for them right now.

P.S. - My dude Brian Casey has a...
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Daryl Michel
That is excellent. The power of FOCUS.