Dale Pease

Joined October 2020


Utilizing twenty-five years in the marketing and design industry, Dale helps franchisees deliver a consistent message to their customers across the U.S. He works with owners on business development and efficiency, marketing strategies, advertising campaign development, and systems to better track ROI and customer satisfaction.
As Stephanie Baiocchi mentioned in the "IMPACT+ Digest" last week we hosted the "They Ask, You Answer" May 2023 Summit this week in Chicago

The past 3 days were LOADED with tons of content spanning four different information tracks. This means we have all taken in a LOT this week!

So this week's poll is: What's the one moment from this week's "They Ask, You Answer" Summit that's still sticking with you?

We're excited to hear which parts...
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Dale Pease
AI (stomach-churning, mind-blowing, scary, awesomeness!) 
Joining after a presentation by and Elizabeth Sutherland . Looking forward to learning, sharing, and helping all make connection and increase sales.
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Dale Pease
You've come to the right place, Ric! Fabulous content, and people, here at IMPACT+
Hi all! Becca Manganello encouraged me to share my content update process. I've been using it since last June to keep our entire company (16 of us) informed about new blogs on Zoe Marketing & Communication's website.

Each week, I send out a simple email + quick Vidyard (2-3 minutes tops, usually) highlighting the new content. I try to mention how sales can use it, and/or how it's valuable to our in-house team — as well as folks that...
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Dale Pease
This is great. Our content manager,  Sarah Etler also does this. One thing she has done, as well, is created a Content Organizer that makes it super easy for the revenue team to find relevant articles. Perhaps you won't need something like this if you have a better search feature than we currently do in our learning center. Still, even if you did, I really like this spreadsheet that lays it all out simply and gives the relevant links and some suggested text to use when interacting with prospects/customers.
Heyyyyy Everyone!

We're super excited to announce we just released a new feature called "Team Activity"

Watch the video below to learn what "Team Activity" is and how to use it
NEW FEATURE IN IM+ : Team Activity - What is it and how do you use it?

The Team Activity tool helps you gain valuable insights into how your team is using IMPACT+ with data such as:
  • Individual team member activity within the app including courses started and...
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Dale Pease
Looks great. I have lots of courses to finish! ;-) 

I did get an error when I clicked the "Events" tab. I also wonder if this is open to everyone on the team? Meaning everyone can see everyone else's activity? May want to add a manager level or something in the future.

But, great addition!
It’s incredibly important to us here at IMPACT to continue to educate you all on They Ask, You Answer, but it’s not about what WE think you want/need.

It’s about what YOU all actually want/need.

So let’s take a vote here - What course topics would you like to see more of?

Hit the reaction button with the course content you’d like to see more of:
  • - Assignment Selling
  • - Written Content
  • - Video Content
  • - Website
  • - HubSpot

If you have...
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Dale Pease
Not to repeat myself, this discussion highlights where we are struggling right now and could use some courses on: https://app.impactplus.com/discussions/what-do-you-wish-you-knew-when-you-started TLDR: More on the technical aspects of tracking prospects, and ROI of content.
If you’ve been doing They Ask, You Answer for more than 6 months, what do you wish you knew when you started that you know now?

If you are new to They Ask, You Answer, what are you curious about in the process?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask people when I start something they've done before. Obviously we don't want to make mistakes or waste time and one of the best ways to ensure this is to learn from those who have gone before...
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Dale Pease
I would second Taffy's comments about Google and tracking and evaluating what works. We have been creating great written content for seven months or so now, and we are still struggling to understand how to evaluate its effectiveness. We're all in on the TAYA concepts related to creating the content, we're just still a little lost on the measurement side (although we're slowly learning.) So, I think more emphasis on setting this up and being ready to measure it at the beginning would have been very helpful.
Our content manager discovered today that up to 30 pages of content she has created in our Learning Center has not been indexed by Google yet. In Search Console, it shows up as: “Discovered – currently not indexed”.

I've searched and can't find anything that fits our particular situation. This article has 7 solutions to fix this error, but none stand out as issues we have.

Has anyone encountered this before? If so, how did you fix it?

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My company is actively reviewing resumes for our content manager position. Many applicants are out of state, and I'm concerned about how the position would integrate. So far, on paper, the best candidates are not in our area. What are some of your thoughts on the pros and cons of this position being 100% remote?

For context:
Part-time (20 +/- hours per week)
Flexible schedule
Would have to be able to remote into our weekly marketing team...
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Dale Pease
We've hired a content manager that currently lives in Ireland (we are a U.S.-based company.) So far it has worked very well. With zoom, we are able to talk face-to-face as often as needed. She also does zoom-based interviews with our SMEs once a week. There has really been very little she hasn't been able to do remotely. It wasn't our intention to hire someone so far away, but we were blown away by her during the interview process and decided we would rather work through any difficulties rather than lose her. So far we count it as a great move. I'm happy to discuss any questions you have.
We've been working on a refresh of our website for a while, and after Brian Casey 's excellent throwdown of the site on Monday, I tweaked some things to apply his suggestions. Stephanie Baiocchi mentioned posting here when we had something to show. I would love feedback from anyone and everyone. I'm really trying to incorporate both TAYA and Storybrand into this update. Hopefully, this displays okay for you. It's basically a big jpeg...
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There are hundreds of tools out there that can give you different user behavior data, and each have a different subset of features like click mapping, scroll mapping, different survey options, and much more.
I'm a huge fan of Lucky Orange for a few reasons - the biggest being the "Top 10" feature that immediately highlights, and exports, the most interacted areas of any web page. It's been a big help in expediting user journey improvements....
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Dale Pease
Because of this recommendation, I just installed Lucky Orange. We have been using HotJar. So far, I think I like the video playback of visitors better in HotJar, but other than that Lucky Orange seems to have more features (especially in the free version.) We have made several changes to our site based on watching a ton of HotJar videos. In some cases "Killing my darlings." Meaning eliminating things I thought were cool, but seemed to be of little benefit (and even in some cases caused issues with user interaction.) I can't believe I've done web design for 20-some years without tools like this!
I'm curious, how do you keep track of your most important tasks?

Do you have a software you love? (We use ClickUp here at IMPACT!)

Do you stick to the paper checklist method? (I personally stick...to post-it notes, get it?)

I feel like midday on Tuesdays is when I tend to stray away from focusing on my most important tasks and get sucked into little things. So I figured this is a good time to talk about staying focused and keeping those...
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Dale Pease
We use Asana. I LOVE the timeline feature.
I had this pop up in my email just now. I've never seen a company do this before in their email marketing, and it really made me stop and take notice. Maybe something useful for those who send out holiday marketing campaigns. Being decent human beings is a good practice all the time, even in our marketing.
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We need to create (basically from scratch) our Training manuals and SOPs for virtually every part of our business. What are you all using as software (prefer non-monthly fees) to build out these kinds of systems? We actually love the platform and usability of IMPACT+, especially for the training side of things. What is it built on? We do see doing a lot of video. And creating graphics, and maybe even some interactive VR (AR) type things....
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Think about this: Many of the challenges your organization faces were actually put into place to be the solutions to previous challenges.

Too often we overreact, pushing the pendulum too far in the other direction.

The examples are all around us.

Feeling siloed? It’s probably because at some point the team was bogged down with too many large meetings, so they split off into teams to be more focused.

Feel like the approval process is an...
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Dale Pease
Be in the habit of asking: “How can we be sure we’re not overcompensating?”  <-- Wise words!
Hi everyone :)

Random question, but what do you call your blog?

Simply calling it a blog is a bit bland and underwhelming.

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Dale Pease
I actually noticed https://www.riverpoolsandspas.com/ has both a "Learning Hub" and "Blog". I wondered why the need?
We are “America’s Largest” concrete leveler, with locations in fifty metropolitan areas across the country. We offer a unique solution to a problem that nearly every business or homeowner will have at one time or another: sunken concrete. Daily, we have customers use the word “wow” when they see their concrete lifted back in place.

We are uniquely positioned to grow and prosper in a space that a great number of people don’t even know exists.

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Every organization needs great people and great leaders. Yet, nearly every company I talk to is experiencing some sort of challenge around hiring and recruiting right now.

“It’s really hard to find great people right now, Zach.”

Trust me, I feel you. Even we at IMPACT have experienced the pain of the “Great Resignation.” It’s not that great people aren’t out there, it’s just taking about 3 times as long to find them.

Fact is, though, it’s...
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Dale Pease
I'd love to hear more about #2. Do you have any examples of what this would look like for a job posting? 
We are in the process of hiring a content manager (early stages.) One thing I want to make clear is that reading books is an important part of the job. If you were to put together a list of books that would help a content manager thrive in the first year, what would they be? Maybe one book a month. So, give me your top 12.1. They Ask, You Answer (Obviously.)
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Ever since starting with They Ask, You Answer, and Impact+ I've been a little put off by the title "Content Manager". It seems to imply that the position would be managing other people. For us, we are about to try to hire a Content Manager, but I'm wondering if something like Content Marketer would be a better description since they won't be managing other people. Obviously, I want to use a title that people will understand when they see the...
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Whitespark SEO report
Kevin Church , IMPACT's Director of SEO, shared this fantastic report from Whispark detailing the main factors that drive local SEO results for your business!

It also dives into the top SEO myths regarding local SEO including geo-tagging images and certain Google My Business keyword drivers.

This report goes super in-depth and I encourage anyone who has showrooms or specific service areas to review it and make sure you're maximizing the...
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Dale Pease
This touched a couple of times on Business Addresses in GMB pages, versus Service Area Listings. As a user, I am much more interested in seeing a map that shows the service area of someone I want to do work for me, than an address of their office (if they are coming to me.) But, if I'm reading this right, some folks seem to think using a business address instead is more important to ranking locally. Anyone have any insight into this?