Cristal Drummond

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What's the most challenging part of assignment selling for YOU?

React with your answer and feel free to explain why in the comments!
Heart Finding a balance between assigning too much and too little content.

Thumbs Up Moving forward when the prospect ignores the assignment.

Curious Getting your team on board and bought in.

Celebrate Getting comfortable using video.Is it something else? Let us know in the comments.
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Cristal Drummond
Gerry Suckling  ...  know your team is focused in this area. 

You read that right, I bumped into Ryan Anderson's Linkedin post referencing the song and I have been bopping my head for the past 15 minutes on repeat.Its inspiring to see creative ways to get your message out there.Content that typically pulls me is usually funny, music related and super relatable.As we move deeper into the digital age, bringing your creativity to reach your audience is invaluable.Do you prefer more serious and to the...
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There are two documents that are supposed to be sent out to prepare for the 90-day planning session:- pre-planning survey- scorecardWhat is included in the pre-planning survey? Is there a template for this?
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Cristal Drummond

👋🏽 Teresa, great question. 

Regarding the pre-planning session survey we typically, recommend asking your team the following ahead of planning sessions:

  • What did we do well as a company, team, or individually during the last planning period? Share some wins!
  • Did we experience any losses or fall short of our goals during the last planning period? If yes, what specific roadblocks or challenges did we come up against?
  • What do you feel has had the greatest impact on your company in the past 3-6 months?
  • What do you see as our single biggest sales and marketing challenge in the next 90 days? And, what can we do to overcome it?
  • Company Priorities: What 3 things should the COMPANY start, stop, or keep doing in the next 90 days?
  • Individual Priorities: What 3 things should YOU start, stop or keep doing to help move the organization forward in the next 90 days?
  • Which team members should we celebrate from this planning period? Why do they deserve recognition?

For the scorecard,

You are able to make those updates directly in the app, by selecting the Update Your Score button on the scorecard page.

Let me know if this answers your question.😁

Will this be your first planning session?
The Big 5 are always a hot topic when dicussing TAYA. If you are just hearing about the 'Big 5" here is the quick list: Cost, Problem, Comparison, Reviews, and Best of.

These are the questions your buyer will have when making a purchasing decision. By creating these articles you give your buyers the answers to their questions so they don't go searching for it elsewhere.

Pretty simple,

Let's test your knowledge on Cost articles.

Here are two...
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Welcome to IMPACT+!
Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. Whether you just joined or you've been around for awhile, we want to get to know you!

Here's what we'd love to know:
  1. Where are you based?
  2. What's something outside work that you enjoy?
  3. What's your role and how's it going? Brag a little!
  4. Tell us a little about your company (no links please!)
  5. How did you learn about They Ask, You Answer and how's it going so...
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Cristal Drummond
👋🏽 I'll jump in, I live in Semmes AL, a smaller less known city outside of Mobile AL.🌎

Outside of work I love to read and spend quality time with the family.📚

My current role is the Member Success Manager which entails supporting members in IM+ reach their full potential in understanding and implementing TAYA.

I currently get to work for IMPACT and have found a lot of fulfilling lifelong friendships as a result. ❤️

I first learned of TAYA after reading the book during onboarding. The lightbulbs just went off and it all just made sense. 

We know it has a few kinks to work through but holy moly. This will be revolutionary.How do you think this new capability will change the landscape of our workforce in the future, if any?
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Hi everyone,We are creating sales bio videos at CharityEngine and I'm trying to get a sense for how long a video should take to product from start to finish. Assuming it has the subject and some b-roll and some photos of the salesperson's hobbies (here's an example bio video that Impact shared We have a videographer on staff but I'm trying to get a sense for how...
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Cristal Drummond
👋🏽 Dave, hope you have been well.  Will Schultz @ Lindsey Auten  can certainly provide  some insight here.

Looking at a beautiful cloud formation calms my soul. The week has been super busy, but this view is all it takes.

It takes my breath away.

What do you do to decompress from the week?

Taken with my Cannon on the back porch.
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As a loyal member of the Toyota community, it is like an unspoken agreement that my children will own and drive a Toyota, my grandchildren potentially, and who knows my great, greats. But, when deciding what vehicle has my mind and heart, Toyota leads the pack, and here is why.
  • The vehicle safety features protect my family (This is major for me)
  • My most recent purchase was in March 2019; it has needed no significant repairs. (Protects my...
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My friends,If you have considered joining a mastermind group, here are a few benefits that I thought you might be interested in.
  • This is a great way to engage with members in the community, in a safe and inclusive space.
  • If you have questions or feedback or sharing your wins, bring it to the community. We are all at different stages of our learning and your perspective is valuable; let's lean on each other.
  • Accountability is key to...
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I'm making the shift from marketing and sales strategy and content back to my first love -- recruiting and organizational development.

My intention is to use TAYA strategies to help companies attract, engage, delight, and retain great team members.

I was inspired by a post I saw and decided to (finally) create content that shared my POV.

I'd love to get some engagement (and feedback) so I thought I'd share the link here. And then I thought we...
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Cristal Drummond
I can see that this is truly your passion. The article is super thorough.  Zach Basner  works heavily in the TAYA for recruiting space.
Posing a question to the community to get some collaborative dialogue. What is your biggest fear in your business right now, during this recession?
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Either during a dinner conversation with your family or at some point while grabbing a drink with some friends, I'll bet that someone will tell you they're looking for a new job before the year ends.

They'll mention their frustrations. They'll mention their aspirations. They'll for sure mention their desired compensation.

But at some point in the conversation, they're going to stop talking.

How will you respond?

Will you be able to share the...
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Cristal Drummond
I discussed knowing when is the best time to transition to the next level of your journey in a conversation shared with friends. Absolutely a great perspective to share.
I write here a lot about the fundamentals- using LUTs, hijacking Canva- just general stuff that we often forget about as we start talking about the strategy behind TAYA videography and creating content that moves people to action. One issue that plagues me as a videographer is shot composition. I get in the ZONE when I’m filming and will leave shoots over the moon- and then sit down to edit later and find myself cropping and altering way too...
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Cristal Drummond
This is great information  Mandy York . Simple enough to understand even for a beginner.