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"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

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Jan 2020 - Present
I'm the Member Success Manager at IMPACT+. I'm an innovator at heart, always bringing new ideas to the table and challenging the norm to find better solutions. If you ask me, I combine my passions for education and marketing to empower others to meet their business and revenue goals and loves building unforgettable experiences through ground-breaking industry events and engaged, passionate communities. In my free time, you will find me watching the Yankees game, reading a new book, or out on a dirt trail on my next adventure! 
We are a piano lesson studio. And we have a quiz on our site as the main call to action. They take this quiz to see if they are ready for lessons. We email them their results and show them their results on the next screen.

With this email we nurture them and send them email spread out over the next month.

On the thank you page we offer them a free intro lesson.

My question is should I have this quiz be gated at the end and allow them to go through to the thank you page without providing their email.

Or is is smart to ask for their email so we can follow up?

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Connor DeLaney
Demitris Maddox it sounds like there's a serious value add to have their report sent to them along with everything that comes with it in the nurturing flow. I'd personally suggest that it remain ungated to take the quiz but at the end, you leave the option to have their results emailed to them. 

I've seen this work wonders with Pillar pages in the same idea where they can access everything, but if they want it in their inbox they'll put their email in without hesitation. Plus, in your language before that thank you page, you can make it a very personalized experience in saying "Get your results and actionable next steps based on where you are at with just your email!" Not perfect, but that idea makes them feel special and supported :) 

Emily Mermell Mary Brown Kevin Phillips Brian Casey Larry Kagan , agreed? Would love to hear your thoughts here too!
Dear IMPACT + Team,

For Liz Moorehead ,Creating memorable, engaging compelling content for Beginners, I am at 71% and almost done taking notes. For Kevin Phillips , The Big 5 Course, I am at 17% and will finish that last.

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Connor DeLaney
Sounds like a plan,  Jimmy Beasley ! What are some of those personal goals you plan to take on? 
I just finished reading this book the other day and honestly, it's changed the way I approach thinking about how my work and personal lives intertwine.

The book challenges the idea of needing to have balance and replaces that notion with finding satisfaction and prioritizing what makes your life satisfied.

For example, my prioritization for satisfaction could be: Family Work/Career Health Social Education If I take the time to meet each of these five priorities, I know my life will be more satisfied. While I know we've all read a lot of self-help books, I'd recommend this one over others! See More

Dear IMPACT + Team,

The goal is looking for that tie-breaker. I have one week left on this. I have 4 votes on slow/sluggish computers; 3 on internet connectivity and 1 vote on data loss.

Looking for Poll/Survey Help I am doing a very important poll/survey and would appreciate it if I got some feedback on it.
What is the "1" Technology pain point that customers hate having to deal with all the time?
1.) slow/sluggish computer 2.) virus and malware infections 3.) outdated software 4.)internet connectivity 5.) printing problems 6.) data loss 7.) employee theft
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Connor DeLaney
Here's my recommendation to put it all together - 

Most businesses invest in technical support to allow them to focus on running their business and helping their customers but often are left frustrated and unsupported. JCS helps provide unique, customized solutions for your company's technical support needs so you can get back to what you do best, serving your customers.  

Lemme know whatcha think!
As we write Best Of, Reviews, and Versus articles my team continues to discuss whether or not we should link to competitors in our articles. I've had mixed feelings about linking vs. not linking.

What does your content team do and why? See More
Dear IMPACT + Team,

I am writing everything down from the The Big 5 lesson. I am on lesson 2, but a lot of information that is overwhelming and based off what I am learning or trying to learn. I messed up and will need to start over from scratch.

The only question that remains is where do I begin. Not sure how to fix this. See More
Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley  the Big 5 is a challenging task to take on for any business! Can you share a bit more about where you got stuck or messed up? I'd be happy to share some additional resources we have to help get you started on putting together the Big 5 for your company.
HubSpot recently released this massive report on what performance looks like this summer across all different industries and business sizes.

The most interesting part? While traffic seems to be getting hit, deals are trending upward!

There are a lot of great insights and action plans for how to increase demand and maintain company focus during these slower months.

What has been your experience in these summer months? Share what you're seeing and if this reports holds up for your business! See More
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Dear IMPACT + Team,

I have done all that can for right now with the website. In other words it is 100% done temporarily. Don't know what other strategy or solution I can try to get, leads and prospects. See More
Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley  The biggest thing right now is to continue producing content and driving traffic through that medium! I know you have several on your site and the next step is going to be continuing to generate content Google will gravitate to in my opinion :) 
Hey IMPACT + Team,

I have been doing some thinking. To make good use of my time in a efficient manner. Since I only have three mini goals left to accomplish. Which these three are the hardest, is why I was saving them for last but will be working on them simultaneously excluding the SSCP certification exam because I will be using the study guide to study for that.

My second version of my One-liner:

"Lots of companies struggle with network and computer issues. JCS takes care of all the IT stuff so you can focus on the things that matter most"

Stuck on part 3 where I have to Describe a successful ending to their story

Make it the "controlling idea" of your business Make it something they want Make it brief Sample:

So everyone will think you... See More
Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley in looking at your One Liner and the need for a happy ending, I would argue you are pretty close with "so you can focus on the things that matter most". 

To make this even stronger, I would say make it more specific by adding something at the end such as "so you can focus on the things that matter most, running your organization and delivering results for your customers."

This keeps it brief but makes it about them by calling out they don't want to manage their IT, they want to work with customers, so we (Jimmy) will take care of that for you. 

Whatcha think?

We just signed a new contract for a deal worth $800,000 - $1,000,000 per year. The first interaction (and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th) were blog posts I wrote. TAYA in Action!

Interestingly, they called us and did not submit their email, so how do I know it was from a blog I wrote?

I set the date range in the Geo reports in Google Analytics under Search Console to Jan 1, 2013 – today and am ONLY TRACKING return visitors from Totowa, NJ 07512 (location of the client). There have only been three return customers during that time, 2 of which visited and revisited the site on 10/1/2019.

However, by tracking the landing pages of the most recent visitor and looking at this report, you can see that the first time that visitor from our client visited... See More
Connor DeLaney
We love that ROI validation and reporting  Nathan Dube !! Amazing 🎉🔥
Dear iMPACT Community,

Can anyone tell me the job responsibilities or position responsibilities of a Community Manager. I would appreciate it. See More
Connor DeLaney
Jimmy Beasley This can really depend on the structure of the community. I have seen community managers who are focused strictly on social media management and posting regularly to their different accounts. 

I've also seen community managers who focus on more of what myself and Stephanie Baiocchi do where they are engaging with members of their community and putting together events regularly. 

Overall, the key to success as a community manager is regularly engaging with your audience on a regular basis, providing helpful content when applicable, and pulling in the right voices in a conversation so it provides value!
Good morning Content Community!

I've been noticing lately that my low-tier wireless keyboard has been letting me down lately.

It's been missing keystrokes, keys sticking (so if I'm backspacing I lose whole chunks of sentences ) , and other deal-breaking "features" especially when writing content.

I've done all I can from a software perspective so I think it's time for an upgrade.

So, what are you all using? Have you found that certain types of keyboards or certain features tend to work better than others?

Wired vs. wireless?
Standard keyboard vs. gaming keyboard?
Mechanical vs. optical switches?

Thanks! See More
Connor DeLaney
+1  Nick Bennett  standard hunk-o-junk Apple wireless keyboard!
Paul D. Grant put together this great recap of the newest HubSpot offering, CMS Hub Starter! The biggest thing you need to know is that Starter tier for CMS Hub is only $25/month! This price, compared to the $400+/month for Professional or Enterprise tiers, makes CMS Hub significantly more accessible and viable for organizations.

If you ask me, HubSpot is looking to make some noise in the webspace.

Want to learn more? Check out Paul's full article! See More
Happy Monday IMPACT Plus!

Curious as to what everyone is reading/just finished. I'm about to wrap up Exponential Organizations by Salim Ismail and just started Think Again by Adam Grant.

One of my favorite takeaways from EO is that the "half-life" of a learned skill used to be 30 years, but that has been reduced to 5 years with the rapid pace of learning in today's world.

So, I'm curious... What are you reading and what are your current takeaways?

I'm keeping track of all of my books in our Better Book Club and hope to see y'all in there as well! See More
Connor DeLaney
I just wrapped up four books over the last couple weeks:

1. The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink - It's an extension of Extreme Ownership and takes a deeper dive into some of the flaws and larger challenges since the first book. My biggest takeaway from this book was the difference between a leader and a follower, or, in fact, the role of being both in being a good leader. The authors emphasize the need for leaders to step aside for others on their team to lead and accept that you don't have to have all the answers to make your team successful and really you shouldn't have all the answer.

2. Developing the leaders around you by John Maxwell - Following his book on Developing the leader within you, this book focuses on discovering and empowering others to be great leaders. My biggest takeaway was a quote from chapter 3: The only thing worse than learning from mistakes is not learning from mistakes.

3. Bluefishing by Steve Sims - Super fun book about making S*** happen and the power of trying, failing, and trying again as well as thinking big. My biggest takeaway was chapter 12 on the art of delegation and how important it is for YOUR personal growth to be able to delegate effectively.

4. Unleashed by Frances Frei - A book about being a strong leader and building a team or a company that can lead and be empowered. My biggest takeaway was during chapter 4 on the power of building Belonging at your organization and how the smallest tweaks in helping others feel included will drive significant value for others. The example they shared was changing the structure of a single meeting to include all members vs those who speak up and it made a HUGE difference in collaboration and ideation.

Kaitlyn Petro Bernie Mitchell Lex Russell Kaitlyn Pintarich Antonio Escudero Betsy Francoeur Erica Rulevish Craig Daniels Pamela Pierce Vanessa Sammut what have y'all been reading lately??
I was listening to an Impact Plus group and found one new resource, and thought I'd ask for more here.

I'm interested in
video creation and editing using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects
social media for YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest - especially changes and improving what I do
anything to improve my course, community, or coaching
To make this beneficial to more people, perhaps you want to use a standard format so it is easily searchable:
topic / URL / any comments

I'll start it off by posting the resource I found in the ImpactPlus group:

After Effects/Premiere lots of resources, some free

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Connor DeLaney
Great share with  Pamela Pierce ! Did you happen to check out the event recording from  Alex Winter and  Megan Lang at Video Sales & Marketing World titled - How to edit your video like a pro, you can do it! vs. it's not hard!

Great walkthrough for editing and video creation. I'm sure there are tons of other video resources out there as well.  Sami Ahmad   Kyle Wertz   Zach Basner   Lindsey Schmidt  what other resources or tools do you recommend members check out? 

Also, to your point regarding search, we're working on a broader community search functionality :) Stay tuned!
Big news from the HubSpot world came out last night!

In September, Brian Halligan will be stepping in as Executive Chairman, with Yamini Rangan, previously the Chief Customer Officer, will be replacing him as the new CEO.

You can check out the full article on the HubSpot website, linked above.

Would love to hear some immediate reactions! From everything I've read and heard, there's a lot of excitement about this move both internally and in the broader HubSpot community. See More
When it comes to writing They Ask, You Answer content, I've always been told to make sure the titles (and the goal) of your article are really specific to the audience and what questions they are looking to have answered.

I began working on the article above with the title What are the benefits of IMPACT+ for small businesses, and as I was drafting it, Paul D. Grant and I realized that the purpose of this article was not how great IMPACT+ is for small businesses (but hey, isn't it ), it was about how the platform can help our audience implement They Ask, You Answer.

So, we shifted our title and our greater strategy for the piece to focus on what our audience was looking for: Support in implementing They Ask, You Answer.

It was a subtle... See More
Can you believe it? We're almost halfway through Q3 2021.

With that in mind, what's one thing that you're focusing on as we approach the downhill slide into Q4 or the end game of 2021?

Consider this as a save point/check point where you can pause and define that focus if the fact that we're 3/4 through the year was a rude awakening.

My major focus for the rest of Q3 is doubling down on my education. Courses, certifications, talks, seminars - I'm digging deep into them again because I personally saw great benefits the last time I put education on the front burner.

What's yours? See More
Connor DeLaney
With World Certification Week currently happening, your focus seems right on the mark Adam Stahl !

Mine is definitely around data management and structure to allow our team to be more actionable across all aspects of the organization. Not only educating myself on the power of or best practices with data, but also learning the tools and software we use more intentionally.

Alyssa O'Mara , Dale Pease Keven Ellison , Jay Rossi , Jim Schultz , Phil Switzer , Tony Paille , Lex Russell , Mary Steffl , Kaitlyn Pintarich , how about you all?   
I am looking for a simple bot to handle my FAQs on a Squarespace site. The Squarespace search function is very clumsy and inconvenient. See More
Connor DeLaney
Gordon Hunte you are looking for something to automatically handle this, sort of like a knowledge base? I'm curious if just having an FAQ's section on your main page or pages would do the trick here vs investing in a bot?

I know  Jessica Palmeri just put out a course on implementing live chat, not sure if it's exactly what you need but perhaps you can chime in a bit on this, Jess? 

I also know  Mary Brown or  Emily Mermell  may have some additional recommendations from the website side. 
Hey Everyone,

Does anyone have any thoughts on Vidyard vs Vimeo? We are just starting our video journey and would probably start on basic plans for either. We don't like the Vidyard ad in the free version either. Hoping we don't have to have it if we pay for Pro. We just need a clean way for our sales team to send out videos to prospects, know if they at least started watching a video, and have the ability to trigger a workflow in HubSpot from that event.

Thanks! See More
Connor DeLaney
For what you are looking for, I think Vidyard is the best way to go. Vimeo is more of a video warehouse whereas Vidyard provides that additional insight that you and your sales team are looking for. I know there are some other options like Loom that I hear good things about, but from someone who personally and whose team uses Vidyard almost every day, it's been a great tool for us.

Lindsey Schmidt   Zach Basner what other tools might you recommend? 

Per the HubSpot question at the end,  Jessica Palmeri or  Joe Bachir would Vidyard/Vimeo/Other be able to do what  Alyssa O'Mara  is looking for?