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"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

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I'm the Member Success Manager at IMPACT+. I'm an innovator at heart, always bringing new ideas to the table and challenging the norm to find better solutions. If you ask me, I combine my passions for education and marketing to empower others to meet their business and revenue goals and loves building unforgettable experiences through ground-breaking industry events and engaged, passionate communities. In my free time, you will find me watching the Yankees game, reading a new book, or out on a dirt trail on my next adventure! 
I am was working on putting together captions for a couple videos and realized this might be a good question for this community: What are your favorite video captioning tools?

To give some context, I'm putting together videos and want to make them more accessible and am looking for what all of you prefer to use to quickly turn around captions. The platform I'm using recommends iFrame if that helps at all as well (tbh not too savvy with this stuff). Thanks! See More
Hey Y'all,

I'm got something truly exciting for you today, and it's all in this 5 minute video:
Assignment Selling Content - Win a $50 Gift Card!
That's right, I'm giving away two $50 gift cards to the best examples of Assignment Selling across all the clients we're working with here at IMPACT.

This is for sales, marketing and leadership teams to get involved in, and the competition is going to be set high!

Here are the details:

Send your Assignment Selling examples to Place 'Assignment Selling Contest' into the subject line Deadline: EOD on 30th September Winners announced: 9th October
What is Chris looking for?
When you send me your examples I'll be looking at:

Your use of 1:1 personalised video and how you present... See More
Connor DeLaney
Congratulations  Emma Stanton  well deserved! 
[deleted] posted in IMPACT+ HQ about 1 year ago
Connor DeLaney
When you first shared this idea with me  Chris Carolan  I was so excited to see what you came up with. Documenting this journey is going to be an eye-opening experience for so many. Let's get things started! 
We all read and publish a lot of content. This is your one-stop shop to find and share content that everyone ought to learn from.

For each post, I'd recommend you share a link to the content as well as a quick blurb about what you found interesting, informative, or otherwise made it worth sharing! See More
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As leaders of organizations, how do you create a culture that encourages learning and professional development? I know now more than ever it is challenging to ask people to put their time towards this, but I'd love to hear the different approaches we all take to do so. Thanks! See More
I recently came back from a day of filming to find that one of my files was corrupted. For some strange reason my card wrote two files for the same video (even though I did not have that function on) and I was able to get my footage off my card and on to a timeline. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any methods of recovering corrupt footage or salvaging a corrupt card as I feel like I may run into this problem again later on and I won't be so lucky. See More
Connor DeLaney
Since I'm not a videographer, I don't unfortunately.  However, I'll tag some friends who may have some tips or methods that could help (or at the very least may have experience with this). 

Megan Lang   Alex Winter   Will Schultz   Zach Basner Lindsey Schmidt Do any of you folks have experience with this and have some methods for saving footage? 
Hey everybody, wondering what HubSpot integrations you all use (both big and small) that make life better? I use some pretty standard ones currently but would love to know any you couldn't live without. Thanks! See More
Inspired by Connor DeLaney 's post on mentally preparing to be on camera, there's another side to this: as the persons interviewing the talent on camera, how do you make them feel more comfortable in the moment? How do you get the most out of them during the time you have with them? Here are some of my favorite things to do:

Make sound check fun; instead of asking them to count to 10, I always ask my subjects what they had for breakfast to break the ice Ask easier questions first; kind of like a warmup to a workout we want to get into a good rhythm of conversation. Acknowledge and listen. Nod your head, and make eye contact Ask good follow up questions that relate to what they said.
What are your tips for getting the most out of your... See More
Connor DeLaney
All of your points are awesome Lindsey Schmidt ! The key that I've seen (from the other side) is patience and energy. Building on your third point of acknowledging and listening, showing emotion when you feel the breakthrough moments happening. 

I was recently recording a video and while I was following bullet points, I went off the cuff for about a minute straight and our videographer shot his arms up in the air when I was done and was so excited to see me feel confident enough to go in a new direction! He was clearly very engaged and wanted me to know that this was a big moment. At the same time, however, he showed incredible patience in letting me stumble over words and worked me through those pre-game jitters to help me get to where I ended up. 
I'd love to know what books everyone is reading, even if they aren't super business-y! See More
I'm pretty new to video and was planning to film yesterday but was having a lot of mental blocks that made it difficult to "get in the zone" and I started doubting myself. This led to me not recording at all, which wasn't a great feeling. I'd love to know, whether you're a videographer or someone who finds themselves in front of the camera a lot, what mental tricks or routines do you use to get into recording mode? See More
Sending the right amount of homework is something I struggle with a lot, often I ask myself am I sending too much or not enough.

In most follow-ups, I send 4-6 articles and 1 - 2 videos. The time commitment is about 45 - 60mins. I have never heard someone say it was too much, but sometimes I have people that do none of the homework, and we end up canceling the meeting to never hear from them again.

Does anyone have a rule of thumb they follow or ever heard a prospect say "that is overwhelming."

I would love to hear what everyone else is doing and if anyone as found a perfect formula. See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey David Little ! Bit of a late response, but thought this was a very interesting debacle you shared here. Something I have been thinking about lately is the concept of the need to complete vs supporting materials.

For example: if you assign 8 pieces of content, they may only need to complete 2-3 of those in order to have a really successful follow up discussion with you later on. With this in mind, perhaps give them a must complete and additional resources section in your follow up. 
With these titles, you are able to say something like, "In order for us to have a  successful discussion, you will need to check out these couple resources... On top of this, if you are feeling extra motivated, here are some additional resources you may find interesting." This trick makes them feel less overwhelmed by saying it won't take long to complete those couple things compared to doing all of them while still challenging them by saying here's more if you want it/can handle it. 

I know this was a ramble, but I hope it was helpful. If you try it out, please let me know what your feedback is! 
What is everyone doing to make traction during these odd times? I personally use a ton of video, but curious if there are any other best practices people are using to get their outreach seen!

cc Marc Amigone Melissa Prickett David Little See More
Connor DeLaney
We are hoping to have a similar experience in the U.S. pretty soon as well as things slowly but surely begin opening back up! 
A very interesting post in Search Engine Land about productivity, location, and the long shadow COVID-19 will have on marketing.

About productivity:

"Removing the boundaries around work – such as morning and afternoon commutes – allows employees to work more efficiently, and just plain work more. Indeed, during the pandemic many workers report working more hours than before it began. That has led many to feel stressed, fatigued and even burned out."

About moving from urban centers:

"A related Fishbowl survey, of 18,000 workers across companies, found that WFH was motivating a substantial number of them to move or consider moving from high-cost urban centers to lower-rent locations. Just over 43% of survey respondents in the top 50 markets... See More
Connor DeLaney
Definitely agree with this John Becker . Losing that commute to and from work makes shutting off more difficult. While I do find myself being more efficient sometimes, I also find myself feeling more fatigued at the end of the week and burning out a bit more regularly (yes I work a lot). It's been a difficult balance and it seems like there is not a perfect solution. 

I haven't heard anything about the desire to move. That report you shared was very interesting and might connect with some of my friends taking that exact action to move to more affordable locations!
The key to any good trip is knowing where you’re starting and where you’ll end up. With that being said, I’d love to hear about people’s experiences with building user journey maps.

Who out there has built a user journey map? Was it valuable for you? What was your process for doing so? What tools did you use? See More
Connor DeLaney
I'd love to learn more about this process. I'm building a program that will likely include a user journey component and don't really know where to get started. Following this thread! 
You've read They Ask, You Answer, and are ready to start writing Big 5 content and addressing the questions your sales team gets online. From someone who has helped navigate many companies through this transition, here are a couple of things you need to be aware of and create a plan to overcome.

Company-wide buy-in: They Ask, You Answer isn't a content strategy. It's a business philosophy that requires your entire organization to agree that the best way to increase sales is to become the best educator in your space. If this doesn't happen, you'll struggle to produce the quantity and quality of content that you need to. The sales team needs to work in lockstep with your content manager to provide great ideas for articles based on... See More
Connor DeLaney
I definitely think the most underrated component of this is having that person who fully owns the process. I've worked with teams in the past who haven't had that one main person and deadlines get missed, content isn't polished, and they don't see the desired results. It's huge and the up-front cost is well worth the investment. 

Brian Casey  what are your thoughts on building up the confidence for content writers (especially those new to the industry or field) to work with SMEs or to write content that they may not be the experts in?  
Are there any resources out there on what the different HubSpot tiers really offer? I always struggle to find the right answer since there can be a lot of intricacies involved and no way to provide a high-level overview of what upgrading gives me. See More
Does Premiere Pro and the Adobe suite run well on a PC (vs a Mac)? Am I OK doing all of my video post on a PC? See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Larry Kagan ! Yes, as far as I know, a PC should hold up well against a Mac in terms of post-production. Is your PC standard or a bit more high end? I couldn't say if that'd make a big difference, but that would be my only performance concern is if the computer is built for higher bandwidth production. 
In Will’s awesome fundamentals video, he suggests downloading the Content Home Base File and using the Content Matrix. Does anyone have these tools? If so, please email to me at - Thanks very much! See More
Connor DeLaney
Will Schultz sounds like you may be the best man for the job here. Any chance you can help  Larry Kagan  find the tools you were referencing? 
I’m looking to create some first-time branding assets for my video launch. My target audience is business owners. I’m Looking for a suggestion or two of exactly what package I should buy on Videohive or RocketStock to get started with assets to use with Premiere Pro. I’m looking for a logo bumper and intro, lower third graphic, segment title overlays and full sentence takeaway statements. See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey Larry Kagan - While these aren't within the tools you originally said, here are the templates that our team uses (as recommended by Alex Winter )! Highly recommend -

When you get to the landing page, be sure to click video templates before searching then filter with Premiere Pro so you get the ones you need. Also, if you purchase a pack (or package) there is a nice selection of templates you can have all at once! 
'Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.' -- E.L. Doctorow

It's not about content marketing, but I love the idea that you might not understand the whole journey when you start out, and that's okay. See More
Connor DeLaney
"Description begins in the writer's imagination but should finish in the reader's." -- Stephen King

The power of great writing, in the content marketing space or not, is in the reader's ability to relate and find their own story within the one you are telling.  John Becker  thoughts?