Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

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Jan 2020 - Present
I'm the Member Success Manager at IMPACT+. I'm an innovator at heart, always bringing new ideas to the table and challenging the norm to find better solutions. If you ask me, I combine my passions for education and marketing to empower others to meet their business and revenue goals and loves building unforgettable experiences through ground-breaking industry events and engaged, passionate communities. In my free time, you will find me watching the Yankees game, reading a new book, or out on a dirt trail on my next adventure! 
YouTube released its recap of 2020. The videos that got us through the pandemic: home workouts, socially-aware comedy.

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Connor DeLaney
Gaming is such a huge market on YouTube and it's only getting bigger as they invest more and more in competitive gaming as well as exclusive streaming partnerships. Twitch is also becoming more and more preferred because of the revenue potential vs YouTube. 
At our final team meeting of the year I asked: ‘Name one person, and what they did, that had a dramatic impact on you in the last year.’

It opened up a powerful conversation where we expressed recognition and gratitude for the people that have helped us.

There were three types of people that had an impact on all of us:

Mentors - Someone to learn from Peers - Someone to challenge us Mentees - Someone to teach
One person went as far to say that the person that had *the single greatest impact* on him this year was his understudy and mentee - isn’t that interesting?

He’s had many teachers throughout his professional career, but only one or two mentee’s.

It’s all too common to discuss the benefits of mentorship from the perspective of the... See More
Connor DeLaney
I've had the opportunity to be a mentor for a few students and professionals in the field this year and it's definitely been as beneficial for me as it has been for them. It connects with a larger goal of mine to help others do their jobs better (internally and externally) because that helps me do my job better and overall helps businesses succeed! 
Hi friends, I was on our call with Bob today and brought up that I'm trying to create an "open" or "unlimited" PTO plan for our team. He suggested reading "No Rules, Rules", which I've ordered and will be delivered tomorrow. :-) But I was wondering if anyone has a similar concept and would be willing to share your handbook/plan with me? THANK YOU!!! My email is See More
Connor DeLaney
Natalie Davis  you'd probably be a great resource for this!
Think about the phrase, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

If you are passionate about your work, of course, you are going to work more, at least you are more likely to. If you aren't, you won't.

But can passionate workaholics be one in the same?

I feel I live as both here. While I'm extremely passionate about the work I do, I also find myself working a lot because of that.

At the end of the day, I'd argue that finding what motivates you or what you are passionate about will open the door to working more but will also allow you to enjoy doing it at the same time.

What are your thoughts around working in this manner? See More
Franco Valentino just shared this on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you all. He's our local SEO expert and felt this was an immediate move we need to make. See More
Hello there--I am new to this program so I believe that there is some sort of "meeting" today for Content Managers. Can anyone please tell me how this will work or how I even "get to the meeting"? Is there a planned topic of discussion?

Also, it says 2 pm but I guess that is Eastern time? I am in Central Time Zone. Sorry to be a dummy, can someone help me out?

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Connor DeLaney
Hey  Nika Hancock ! The Content Managers Virtual Peer Group meets at 3pm ET today! It looks like you have a peer seat available. Be sure to head over to the Virtual Peer Groups tab on the left hand side and request to join the group. I'll get the invite on your calendar ASAP! 
I am the owner of an employee compliance company that does b2b sales. We are writing a new article every week now and I am looking for a checklist of things to do to maximize our ROI and inbound leads from these articles. We are going to make videos from these articles and post them to our YouTube channel. Right now we email the articles to our clients and prospects and post them to our company website.

Should we post the articles to social media (LinkedIn, FB, etc.) or just post the videos to social media. What other things should we do with these articles to enable more people to find us on the web? What am I missing? See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Larry Kagan ! Couple of opportunities I noticed here:

  1. Definitely share your articles on your personal or company social pages so they get some exposure to your audiences. Videos can also go there, just make sure you have captions of some kind added too! 
  2. Posting YouTube content is great and compliments your articles well too! I'd say you can also add your videos directly in your articles by embedding them so that you get maximum exposure of that video content. 
  3. Organic is obviously our motto, so optimizing for SEO as well as customer questions are both very improtant. Assuming you don't want to go into ads right now, I'd definitely focus on getting your keyword strategy in place to ensure organic exposure too. 
  4. Are there any industry-focused blogs of publications that you could share your content to or places you could get referrals from? Getting republished on other sites is a good way to continue that exposure as well. 

If I think of more, I'll definitely keep you posted! 

Kevin Phillips   Liz Moorehead   Brian Casey  what else am I missing? 
This topic came up on our last agency peer group call about how to make sure each person in the company is has clear roles and responsibilities - including the Agency Owner - I highly recommend getting the book Traction by Gino Wickman and using the EOS methodology to help achieve your personal and professional goals.

Here is a video about how to create an accountability chart -
The goal is to make sure as the Agency Owner you are in the Visionary seat and you have a people manager/integrator/services manager to run the business and execute on your ideas.

A question I get asked by agency owners a lot is "what will I do" when we are discussing moving their tactical roles into the time, like sales, marketing, services.
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Connor DeLaney
That's awesome  Beanca van Niekerk ! How big are the typical meetings you are running? I'm curious how they do with scale.
Hey Video Content Creators! I put together this guide to Video Sales & Marketing World full of the sessions youmust andshouldattend this upcoming week and I thought I'd share it here!

Hope to see you this Tuesday and Wednesday!
Video Sales & Marketing World: a guide for videographers and content managers See More
I've got a question for the IMPACT+ team please! At the end of each of your blog posts, there's a "Related Articles" section. Is there a special tool or plug-in you're using, or is that a custom code for your website? See More
Connor DeLaney
Christine Austin  you'd probably know best! How do we do our magic??
If you've read Ron Tite's book Think Do Say I'd love to know what your big takeaways were or what really stuck with you from the book?

I'll share my thoughts in the comments...maybe in a video!

I'll happily set up a Zoom for a couple weeks from now if we want to get together to discuss it, too. Maybe a little pre-holidays book club happy hour? See More
Connor DeLaney
What a screenshot haha! I just got the book, definitely down to take part! 
Most of us probably have the update now and I'm curious what people think.

Initial thoughts for me are:

It feels zoomed in all the time The sidebars take up more screenspace than the actual feed I'll probably forget it even happened in a few months
What's everyone else think? See More
Almost daily, I get emails like the one below from strangers. They're usually requests to contribute content to IMPACT or asking for backlinks. Outreach emails are important to many marketers' content strategy. Unfortunately, most of the emails I receive get deleted without a response.
So tell me, what is wrong with this email and what could they have done to get me to respond? See More
Connor DeLaney
There's a lot of I, me, and my language for starters. They never address why you should actually care about how it'll help you. 

I don't feel like they actually tried to connect with me (you) or address a pain point you are expericing. 
Anyone else see this announcement? As video content creators, how do you feel about this? See More
Is anyone else wondering: How the heck can I show my team that our They Ask You Answer Content is driving revenue for my organization??

I get this question ALL of the time!

So here's a HubSpot strategy to help you show your team that TAYA is driving revenue at your organization:
Check out this video:
Here are some TAYA campaign naming structures that the IMPACT HubSquad recommends: Assignment Selling -- TAYA Cost and Pricing -- TAYA Comparisons -- TAYA Problems -- TAYA Best of -- TAYA Reviews -- TAYA
What do you think? Could this work for you and your team? See More
Connor DeLaney
This is great  Jessica Palmeri !! I can't wait to share this with a couple of my clients who have asked about this. Thank you! 
Someone recommended to download background music for my They Ask, You Answer videos. I know I have to get the licensing right otherwise my videos can be blocked from Facebook and YouTube. A $15 per month personal license turned into a $50 commercial license which is more expensive than I want to spend. Looking for a more reasonably priced source for background music I can post on YouTube and Facebook. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. See More
Connor DeLaney
Megan Lang Alex Winter Lindsey Schmidt - Where would you guys recommend looking for music? I know we have a pretty good inventory of places we look! 
Looking for a suggestion of which photo download service has the best pricing now for someone who needs to download less than five photos a week. Any suggestions? See More
Connor DeLaney
I typically recommend Shutterstock for stock photos, they have a great inventory. 

Kevin Phillips Justine Timoteo Brian Casey Jennifer Barrell  - where do you typically have clients go for images if they don't take them in house? 
If I wanted to write an article, "Who Are the Best Payroll Companies on Long Island? (Reviews/Ratings)," where should I start to collect reviews and ratings for my own company to establish credibility for this article? Where do I begin the journey of establishing reviews and ratings online for my company? See More
Connor DeLaney
This is a great article we wrote awhile back for writing great product review articles:

Kevin Phillips / Brian Casey  what other recommendations would you have for this topic? 
Impact folks, looking for advice on how to break-up and tackle the Visual Sale book with my team. We have it in our hands and are ready to dive in as a team! Thank you! See More
Connor DeLaney
Just got my copy! I'm planning to flip through tonight and will bring some feedback then. Would love to get a small group together to go through it together or at the very least have a discussion here! 
Hey All - new member to the community! Starting our journey with the TAYA team and philosophy. Held our kick-off meeting last week. Scorecard completed - we're off to a good start with work to do. One of my assignments was to identify and share two tasks we are going to tackle immediately. Task one - Start Training up the Content Manager and the Videographer on staff. Task two - Attack the low hanging fruit (after the web throwdown today) with the Website UX. Excited to get moving! See More
Connor DeLaney
Awesome stuff  Jeffrey Roth