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"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

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I'm the Member Success Manager at IMPACT+. I'm an innovator at heart, always bringing new ideas to the table and challenging the norm to find better solutions. If you ask me, I combine my passions for education and marketing to empower others to meet their business and revenue goals and loves building unforgettable experiences through ground-breaking industry events and engaged, passionate communities. In my free time, you will find me watching the Yankees game, reading a new book, or out on a dirt trail on my next adventure! 
Many of us have read lots of books throughout our careers, but I'm sure we all have that one book we always think of and recommend. What's that book for you? See More
I recently finished the book Diary of a Real Estate Rookie by Alison Rogers and highly recommend it to those that are looking for a home or agents that are marketing homes. It presents a witty and intelligent perspective from both the buyer and the seller. The book is a quick read based on articles the author had written as a newspaper columnist navigating the property sales and rental market. It sheds light not only on the real estate industry but on how consumers think. It serves as an informative guide to navigating an industry that relies on marketing communication. See More
Connor DeLaney
Awesome recommendation,  Rachael McNerney ! How'd you hear about the book? Is it an "industry must read" or something more niche? 
YouTube is constantly changing as a platform. From small algorithm changes to large user experience changes, it seemingly never stops. Over the years of working on YouTube projects or consuming YouTube media, what update is your favorite? See More
Connor DeLaney
Chapters or sections (what's the official name?) have been monumental for me! Being able to get industry-specific news that I want to hear about is a great use for this. The other thing I do is use video tutorial sections and reference those specific sections later on. I think they'll grow in popularity over time as well into different spaces like gaming or entertainment as much as education and news. 
I really struggle, personally, because when I find jams or playlists I really like, sometimes the music itself will distract me. For example, one time I started typing out the lyrics to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" instead of, you know... the top content marketing tools I was writing about. Oops. See More
Connor DeLaney
YES! I'm a Lofi Hip hop beats person through and through. Anything with lyrics I get easily distracted by. Here are some of my favorite YouTube live streams I typically have on in the background:

Chilled Cow (A classic)
The Bootleg Boy

Daniel Escardo   Hannah Woods   Marcella Jalbert I know you folks are fellow Lofi people, have any more you can share?
I'm re-reading They Ask, You Answer, and I am challenging myself to do one new article for each section as I read. My side business is my needle felting art, not your typical TAYA audience. Here is a cost article I am working on: See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Kayleigh Mihalko ! Love the article and the level of detail it covers with your specific business. I, like Chazz Hirschfeld may need to look into one myself!

A couple of things I'll challenge you to try next time:

1. Remove periods from your headers. From an SEO perspective, having these in the header makes it more difficult for Google or Bing to search from. Instead, perhaps label each factor in price with a number to make it more of a list feel (check out below).

2. Dive into the cost and price first, then breakdown that number, then showcase the examples as final products and what they can expect. As a customer, I'd like to get those numbers upfront so I can say "$45-$55 isn't so bad. Why that price?" then, once I've built trust that you are going to be honest with me, see why they may cost more than buying something in the store with your examples.

How much does a felted pet painting cost?
Total cost...

What makes up that cost?
1. Printing 
2. Materials
3. Shipping

What does a final product look like?
Final products

I hope this was helpful!  Jolie Higazi   Jennifer Barrell , anything else you'd recommend from a Cost Article perspective?
Hey guys,

Liz Moorehead and I record Content Lab each week. I use Audacity to produce it, but I find it to be glitchy at times.

What is anyone else using? (preferably something that's free) See More
Connor DeLaney
I've always been pretty low-tech with these things and have used Audacity before. However, I remember awhile back reading into some alternative software solutions that I listed below:

Alitu - Seems like the hands off, super easy to use version but may cost a bit month to month.

Hindenburg Journalist - I hear a lot about this one because it requires a bit more work to learn audio editing but is a good investment cost for a pretty advanced tool.

If I think of more, I'll be sure to rally back with some more answers!
I spend a lot of time in front of the screen and I hear mixed reviews if these glasses are worth investing in. Assuming most of you fall in a similar boat, I want to hear opinions on if they are worth buying as well as recommendations if they are! See More
The last few days have gone deep into custom reporting and calculations. Last month i spent 3 hours determining the bonus for my team. Not anymore
I now have every revenue report set up. I also have referral commissions automatically generated See More
Connor DeLaney
How long did that take to build  Chris Greene ? And what other custom reports are you building these days? I remember how excited you were to dive in when they got rolled out!
Whether you are brand new or have been doing it for years, we all have a love and a passion for Digital Sales and Marketing in some way, shape, or form. Share with us what gets you excited to work in digital sales and marketing each day! See More
For me, it's that in-between moment when I need to come up with an idea but it's still baking. So all I have is this weird purgatory space where I know the "big idea" will come to me and I'm just not there yet.

In case you're wondering, yes. I'm working on something right now and this post is selfishly inspired, haha. See More
Connor DeLaney
Do you feel it's difficult because of the industry you are in (very technical?) or the writing level you're comfortable writing out (perhaps higher than 9th grade level)? Curious what you think  Nathan Dube
I hear a lot of owners talk about this topic, but I know so often people fall into the trap of "they give me headaches, get rid of them" A.K.A. being too trigger happy.

My question is, what steps do you go through BEFORE deciding to fire a client? What conversations, tactics, or solutions do you have for ensuring everything is done to give that client a chance before firing them? Also, what does that timeline look like? See More
Given the craziness of what we endured over the past year, I'm curious how others would approach this question. Something tells me it'd be a bit different than what we have said in the past.

What would be the main bullet points you'd share? See More
IMPACT is hosting a trio of bootcamps over the next few weeks and we want to see YOU there!

Jan. 20th: Video Marketing Bootcamp
Jan. 27th: New Year New Brand Bootcamp (sponsored by Design Pickle)
Feb. 3rd: Video Selling Bootcamp

Use code DIGEST to get your tickets to any of these events for just $149!

Want to attend multiple bootcamps or have a team that wants to attend one? Email us at and let's talk bundle pricing!

Here is the short summary you can expect for each of these bootcamps!

Hands-on and interactive with activities, not boring presentations. Intimate, small groups so you can ask questions and get feedback from experts. Workbooks that guide you through activities and provide actionable takeaways Led by... See More
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Last week I reached out for advice regarding how to write a cost article when there isn't much variety in pricing. Chris Marr quickly replied with some excellent tips, which was enough for me to at least get started.

I'm happy to say that I published my first cost article this morning, and wanted to share it with everyone in the hopes of receiving some feedback. A few notes are below.

I'm fortunate enough to not be in a competitive space. There's really only one other organization doing something very similar to me. Everyone else in the "archiving software" business are focused on enterprise level security and backups. This means nearly all the information I have on pricing comes from one other organization as well as my own pricing... See More
Connor DeLaney
I echo everything Adam Stahl  shared above! Diving into why you are an expert and should be listened to will give you further thought leadership and build trust with your audience right away. Overall, this was a topic I had no background in but I definitely understood why it's valuable to look into for those in that space. Woot woot! 
Hey Content Managers! Since you would probably be the go-to for newsletters, I'm looking for tips, ideas, examples, and inspiration you use for newsletters. These could be examples of newsletters you really like, sections you enjoy seeing in the newsletters, or maybe even things you really don't like seeing!

I ask because I want to continue innovating our IMPACT+ Digest that I send each Tuesday as well as looking for inspiration for a new project I'm creating about events (top secret information).

Can't wait to see what this group sends my way! See More
It's the second week of January 2021 and I'm sure there are A LOT of things going through your mind that you need to get moving on. So take a minute and slow down: What is the one thing you can commit to accomplishing this week?

Focus and prioritize on the most important project, objective, thing that will keep your company going. To help, consider the idea that if this one thing does not get done, myself or others cannot move forward on other priorities.

Taking it one step further, how can the IMPACT+ community help you make it happen? See More
Over the last 8 to 10 years, while developing our website, my focus while doing presentations at industry conferences and seminars was to educate the audience so they understood that there was a better way for erosion control and revegetation works on civil engineering projects. Our website became more of a library of technical information than a sales facility. Have just finished reading "They Ask You Answer" and was pleased to see that educating your audience can be an important step in sales improvement, without compromising integrity.

Will continue down the path and see where it leads. See More
Connor DeLaney
Love to hear it  Paul Clarke ! What other action items came out of the book that you'd like to implement whether it be in your content strategy or in your website design as a whole? 
I'm interested in the topic of newsletters. What's the best way for me to do a kind of universal search on that topic? See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Mark Modesti ! Were you thinking of courses/lessons or conversations about newsletters? In recent memory, we don't actually talk too too much about them in here just yet but would love to know some of the ideas or topics you'd love to discuss!

Further, this may be something that Liz Moorehead might be covering in a future content managers virtual peer group meeting. 

In the meantime, here's a cool article  Ramona Sukhraj wrote a little while back about some of the awesome newsletters we really enjoy here at IMPACT that you should check out along with some actionable tips for why we do!
Hello! I was wondering if Impact has a documented content operations framework they'd be willing to share or any key tips for building one. For context, we're scaling our content efforts and feeling the need to build a structure around content development processes (people, tools, workflows, governance, etc.) to become more efficient and maximize our very lean resources. Any guidance would be appreciated! See More
Connor DeLaney
Sally Habashy awesome awesome AWESOME question. As you may guess,  Liz Moorehead being the content wizard she is, has put together a whole bunch of content around this topic. These are the ones that came to mind for me, but she also may be able to share additional thoughts on the topic! 

Nathan Dube   Chris Carolan   Adam Stahl   Stephanie Hurd What would you folks recommend as content production veterans? 
I'm pretty new to the sales space and would love to know what authors, keynotes, mentors, or thought leaders you follow! The more the merrier...

Here are a few that come to mind for me:

Ian Altman Marcus Sheridan Viveka Von Rosen
Who else do I need to get to know? See More