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"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

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I'm the Member Success Manager at IMPACT+. I'm an innovator at heart, always bringing new ideas to the table and challenging the norm to find better solutions. If you ask me, I combine my passions for education and marketing to empower others to meet their business and revenue goals and loves building unforgettable experiences through ground-breaking industry events and engaged, passionate communities. In my free time, you will find me watching the Yankees game, reading a new book, or out on a dirt trail on my next adventure! 
I know I should host my own videos on Wistia or Vidyard. I read some of the impact blogs and they suggest Vidyard Professional. If my plan is to have 100 new videos this year with a Hubspot website and learning center, should I invest the $300 per month and start with Vidyard Teams? Also, what are the most important features for TAYA? Is it Calls-to-Action, Embedding, Viewer Contacts Center? Also, how important is it on our website to use embedding vs. link sharing? See More
Connor DeLaney
Chris Greene I know you made the switch over to Vidyard. Would love your take here. 

Also,  Will Schultz and  Nick Bennett  what are your two cents on Vidyard Teams? 
I know I need online reviews for our prospects to feel comfortable selecting us as their service provider. We currently are doing nothing and have zero reviews. We are launching a HubSpot website based on TAYA, so where do I start building online reviews? What platforms do I use? What process do I use? Does industry matter or if you are B2B or B2C matter? Any help will be greatly appreciated. See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Larry Kagan ! Awesome question. I actually created a course here in IMPACT+ called Managing your online reputation and reviews in today's marketplace that could be a great starting point as you look to build up an inventory or online reviews for your company.

In that course, I also include a tool called the Active Online Management Playbook that includes a number of sites to look into. 

Hope this helps! 
Ok friends, let’s hear your best responses to online reviews - positive or negative. Also, do you respond differently to someone who gives you a 4 instead of a 5? See More
Connor DeLaney
I always look for context within the responses of a 4 vs 5-star review. In all honesty, 4 star reviews are more likely to give constructive feedback to get to 5 stars without being a poor rating that hurts brand appeal. Most 5 star reviews (unfortunately) say "They are great!" without sharing any kind of detail, making the review less valuable and tougher to respond to.

Jessica Palmeri you've been a powerhouse contributor. Any amazing reviews you can recall that'd be worth sharing here? 
Hi there! I am pretty new to sales and would love to get recommendations on podcasts, authors, leaders, etc., that you find interesting. I want to immerse myself in any sales/marketing/organizational content that you think may benefit me. I am a big fan of works from Simon Sinek, Chip and Dan Heath, and Patrick Lencioni. Also, I appreciate any tips or advice you want to share with a "newbie". Thanks in advance! See More
Connor DeLaney
Welcome aboard Drew Griffin ! Happy to have you here and looking to learn. Lemme tag some friends to get them in the conversation:

Melissa Prickett   David Little   Vicky Nguyen who are some of your go-to's?

Greg Minsky   Adam Kerrigan  how about you?
Liz Moorehead did a great write-up on what you can expect come May from Google's next update. While some are saying this next update won't be a big deal, she is saying otherwise. With the new page metrics coming out for Core Web Vitals, you have until May to get those issues sorted until they significantly damage your performance on the world's number one search engine!

Here's a link to the full article:
Google's May 2021 algorithm update is a very, very big deal Google's May 2021 algorithm update is a very, very big deal See More
Hi everyone - I have just completed a Masters in Digital Marketing and I am looking for a new role! I would appreciate any support you can give me to help me in my search. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer. See More
Connor DeLaney
What kind of roles are you interested in? Digital Marketing is a really wide net so would be curious what specifically you may be looking for? 
How often does your team meet?

We have a LOT of meetings at our office. At first, I felt like I was overwhelming everyone, including myself, with meetings. But then I realized that they all serve a purpose, and help strengthen our collaboration and communication. Here's what we do:

* Daily huddle - approx. 10 min. Right now we do these over the phone M, W, F but pre-COVID we did them standing up daily. I can't wait to do that again.

* Weekly - each department meets weekly to discuss sales, renewals, processes and whatever else in on their mind as things we need to tackle

* Bi-Weekly - all Team meets to go over personal/professional development, learn/discuss new trends/topics, and share how we can grow as a team.

* Bi-Monthly - 1:1s with... See More
Connor DeLaney
Kaitlyn Pintarich love this question. Remind me... have you read Scaling Up and/or Traction? I'm guessing this model is based on one or both of those methodologies. 

Lemme think of a few people who I know can relate to this!

Brie Rangel or  Kaitlyn Petro , you both probably have the best gauge on IMPACT's meeting rhythms if you wanted to share a little bit about 1. how we came to structure ourselves this way, and 2. how we compare to what Kaitlyn and her team have put in place. 

Keven Ellison  what's your meeting rhythm for your team? 
Getting your startup funded is a dream of every startup founder from seed funding to later stages; funding plays a vital role in the success of every startup. But have you ever realized that more than money the source of money can be vital in your startup’s success or failure? Read more at - See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Emorphis Technologies , would love for you to share some of the research you did in putting this piece together. Right now this post feels pretty promotional for your own article, which doesn't shine brightly with our Community Engagement Guidelines

Looking forward to your thoughts. 
I literally just joined. I’m curious to see what this community is about. I’m a freelance writer, so I’m not sure if I’m at the right place. Anyway, hello everyone! See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Rodney Brazier ! You are absolutely in the right place! As a freelance writer, I'd absolutely recommend you check out our Content Managers community as there are lots of conversations around content creation and I think you'd fit right in! 

As for this community, this is where myself and other members go to share insights and tips for getting started as well as a great place as you get started in the platform to meet fellow new users!

We are all here to help each other learn and grow in the world of digital sales and marketing, so always feel free to reach out and connect!

I'm looking for some ideas or information on where to start with hiring some additional help for the marketing team.

The Background: I work for a regional IT company (managed service provider) based in Virginia. My title is "content manager", but I'm more of a one-man marketing department at this point. I work closely with the CEO to develop content and execute our inbound + TAYA strategy. Right now I do nearly all of the content writing, plus a lot of other tasks like updating the website, tweaking HubSpot, developing lead magnets, etc. I enjoy the work but the "one man circus" thing is limiting our publishing cadence for strictly TAYA content -- which I know is going to hurt us in the long run.

We also have an outside... See More
Connor DeLaney
John Becker seems like something you may be interested in here!

I'll tag in  Eric Dunn and  Chris Duprey to share a bit too! Does it sound like Blake Cormier  is on the right track in your eyes?
Good morning everyone,

I was hoping you could provide some insight on a blog we recently wrote. We caught backlash from the competitor featured in the article, which made my shareholders nervous about the entire strategy. HELP!

Can you provide your honest feedback about how well the comparison is written and whether the concern is warranted? Thank you in advance!

Kendra See More
Connor DeLaney
Jolie Higazi I recall you writing a pretty feisty comparison article for IMPACT a little ways back! Would love to hear your thoughts here on Kendra's article and the response she got!

Kevin Phillips Brian Casey Jennifer Barrell any clients that have written really strong but controversial Comparison articles and had to manage a response like this who you could tag in this thread?

My two cents on the matter - Comparison articles are supposed to spark a little controversy. If the feedback from your competitors was "that's not true!" then you are empowered to say "then prove me wrong!" For the shareholders, have they read They Ask You Answer and are they bought in? It definitely challenges the norms and if they have read it, it's a great time for you to remind them that we are doing something that breaks the traditional norms and some pushback will happen, and with that buyers will now be more informed. 

I recall a story from Yale Appliance that had the vendors they were selling calling them outraged about them writing the article to which Yale said "Then make your products better!" and they did! 

After reading the article, I didn't see any glaring issues. Would be curious what the key points they were upset over were? 
We've seen a LOT of businesses and clients close their doors or downsize due to the pandemic. And while I feel we've done a really great job around creating content around COVID and insurance (I own an insurance agency), it didn't feel like enough to me.

So, I created this video/email and sent it out to all our commercial clients.

I'd love your feedback. And also, I'd love to hear what your response would be.

THANKS! See More
Connor DeLaney
Bernie Mitchell   Jim Schultz Andy Kuzneski    Taffy Ragan tagging you folks in - This seems like an amazing initiative, what feedback would you share with Kaitlyn? 
Hey content writers!

I imagine some of us out here are armies of one — serving as both writer and editor in our organizations

What are your tips for editing your own work? How do you bring a fresh set of eyes to something you yourself have written?

Liz Moorehead ? Adam Stahl ? Ramona Sukhraj ? Jennifer Barrell ? Stephanie Hurd ? A penny for your thoughts. See More
Connor DeLaney
Editing from last to first?? Like reading it backward Lia Parisyan ? I've never thought of that but what a great way to flip the script and force you to focus in a different way.
Hi all!

I'm Elle, a new member of the IMPACT+ community and the new digital marketing and content manager for Enrollment Builders. I made a short video introducing myself and sharing some tips that helped me during my recent onboarding experience. My supervisor is a member of the IMPACT+ community and this community shaped some of my onboarding experience. I can't thank everyone enough for helping to make my onboarding at Enrollment Builders great!

See More
Connor DeLaney
We're so excited to have you  Elle Spears ! I know  Jennifer Goode was really excited to get to share and crowdsource some ideas as you got started. Seems like you are off to an amazing start and I can't wait to see you blossom here in IMPACT+!

Also, amazing video!  Lindsey Schmidt keep an eye on this one, she's bringing it! 

Also,  Natalie Davis , Carolyn Edgecomb , and Bob Ruffolo   some great insights here regarding onboarding based on what we've been recently rolling out.
Connor DeLaney
Kaitlyn Pintarich   Ryan Litwiller   Taffy Ragan , as your teams staffed up and you took on leading those teams, what was your experience that you could share with  Chris Carolan ?

Also,  Ryan Shutt , you're in a similar place where you're starting to build up your team, what would you say? 
Our virtual peer groups are one of our most sought-after offerings here in IMPACT+, so let's make sure you apply your seat correctly!

Note: This is an IMPACT+ paid feature through IMPACT+ Pro or purchasing a seat.

Applying your IMPACT+ virtual peer group seat See More
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Digital Sales & Marketing World is back and better than ever!

Add it to your calendar and save the date now:
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Can anyone point me in the direction of some bio video examples. I want to show some examples for our sales team before they consider what they're going to say in theirs.

Thanks for your help!
Katherine See More
Connor DeLaney
Hey  Katherine Garratt ! Couple of examples I could dig up :)

The first one is from Aquila (TAYA case study client) and the other two are from IMPACT with Marc Amigone and Chris Duprey !

I just picked back up "The Power of Moments" and have StoryBrand coming in the mail.

What titles are you reading these days? See More
I had a moment not too long ago where a blog title I wanted to roll with was exactly the character limit in HubSpot on the first try.
I threw my arms up in the air triumphantly and let out a little "woo!" my wood-paneled basement...

I didn't share it with anyone because I didn't know anyone else that would appreciate that win in the process of what others may call "insider baseball" or "sausage making".

But we're a whole community of Content Managers and we know the satisfaction and the feeling of those types of wins!

Share yours and let's celebrate See More
Connor DeLaney
I thought about this question over the weekend and there were two that came to mind. 

1. Finding that perfect image that both matches the topic perfectly AND is willing to optimize down to a scale that won't hurt your article's speed performance.

2. Going into search tools and discovering a new search term your industry hasn't written much about but customers are asking. That opportunity lights a fire in me and the clients I work with, which makes me even more excited to create that content!