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Joined March 2022


Born in raised on a tiny, exotic isle named Manhattan in the heart of a quaint village, Greenwich, my father run several businesses, legally and not-so-much, around the sparse population in the village of New York while my Mom was, and still is, a self-employed artist working in wood (mostly), from both I learned to think outside the bounds of "normal," whatever the hell that is.

Since intriguing formative years I landed my dream job at Adobe helping write the book on Photoshop, literally, created branding and ads seen by quite billions of people around the globe for The Coca-Cola Company, ran a can-do startup agency of over 60 ridiculously talented people, then took a turn into education, giving back by mentoring students at universities all while growing enrollments and ensuring learners could explore all seven continents ensuring hundreds of learners could realize their dreams, all the while helping raise over two billion in revenue to make the impossible possible.

Side gigs have included writing and performing comedy, sliding into award shows, and discussing books with Keanu Reeves that underscore some of the greatest art in the last 500 years was born from or greatly enhanced by drugs. My main gig, beyond being the silent hand behind household name brands, is doing the toughest job you'll ever love, that of being a dad.