Clodagh Higgins

I show people how to fix, scale or reinvent their companies so they can have businesses they love working in that works for them.

Joined April 2020


Clodagh S.Higgins is a Business Mentor with the Growit Group & Performance Coach with Valor Performance. She has worked with over 500+ Digital Marketing Agencies all around the world, helping them to increase revenue, client results and team retention.

She is part owner of the Growit Group - a coaching, consulting and training firm specialising in helping businesses profitably scale up, so their owners can enjoy a higher level of income, enjoyment and freedom in their work and life. She is a Fix This Next Certified Advisor & Reinvention Practitioner.

Clodagh has written a book called The Happy & Healthy Digital Agency & hosts two podcasts called - Agency Life & Sligo Life. In her spare time she is building a retreat - Isleen Cottage and is a Powerlifting world record holder.
Hey Everyone,

I've been getting bombarded with VA agencies lately and took a call with one today. They are called The VA Group. I wonder if anyone has experiences they would like to share about hiring a VA and/or a VA agency?

Everything the VA Group said sounded great, but this is my first foray into using a VA, and I want to educate myself a bit.

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Clodagh Higgins
Hi Alyssa, how did you get on with The VA Group? 
We are thrilled to launch They Ask, You Answer certificationyou can now join some of the best sales and marketing coaches in the world!

If you would like to learn more drop me a line here or and we can hop on a call.

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In our last mastermind we discussed the topic of mergers and acquisitions - there is a lot of movement happening in the Agency World - I have two videos to help Agency Owners - drop me a line if you have any questions or need some help.

How much is my Agency Worth?

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This topic came up on our last agency peer group call about how to make sure each person in the company is has clear roles and responsibilities - including the Agency Owner - I highly recommend getting the book Traction by Gino Wickman and using the EOS methodology to help achieve your personal and professional goals.

Here is a video about how to create an accountability chart -
The goal is to make sure as the Agency Owner you are in the Visionary seat and you have a people manager/integrator/services manager to run the business and execute on your ideas.

A question I get asked by agency owners a lot is "what will I do" when we are discussing moving their tactical roles into the time, like sales, marketing, services.
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