Chris Carolan

Joined April 2020
Today, we're very proud to release some pretty huge improvements here at IMPACT+. The way we think of IMPACT+ is that it's a learning community. Over the last 6 months, we're released a ton of learning materials to help you develop digital sales and marketing mastery, and today, we're rolling out an improved system for you to co-learn, meet and engage with peers, support each other, and grow together. We hope you enjoy these new social features of IMPACT+, and I promise you, we have A LOT more on the backlog to continue to help you grow and have a great experience in IMPACT+. See More
Chris Carolan
This platform is truly brilliant and I am thankful that it exists. Not only as a place to learn and network but as an example of how to do platforms like it well.

I have asked Marc Amigone  Several times how much it would cost to license it. Let me know when you figure that out.😁 
I'd love to know what books everyone is reading, even if they aren't super business-y! See More
Chris Carolan
Just finished listening to The Servant by James C. Hunter for the first time. Glad I finally got to it after being on the list for a while.

Started up Roadmap To Revenue by Kristin Zhivago for the second time. Might play a role early on in a possible new gig.

That may get interrupted by Own Your Greatness by Dr. Richard Orbe-Austin and Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin. Stumbled across this title yesterday and have struggled mightily with imposter syndrome from time-to-time. Not a lot of reviews but she sounded good on the Hello Monday podcast lol. Hoping it delivers.