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Having watched the IMPACT course on cleaning up data, I'd love to hear what others are doing. Of course, what lists you create will depend on your business, but I'm generally interested in different approaches.

In the aftermath of the iOS 15 Update in Sept 2021 and now not being able to accurately measure email opens, what are the most effective criteria (across all properties) to clean disengaged non-customers from HubSpot?

Clicks and replies may be a better measure of engagement than opens, but when it comes to marketing emails, just because they don't click or reply, they could still be a good lead...especially if there's no reason to get them to click anywhere, just reading the email is fine. So I'm not sure the email properties are... See More
Carina Duffy
I was going to mention something similar  Alyssa O'Mara ! It's getting harder and harder to use engagement criteria for cleanup - not only because of open and click data not being reliable now with Apple Mail, but also because of less cookie tracking on the website. Interested to hear other perspectives as well!


I didn't want to bury the lead but I went to make a new sandbox for a client and was blind-sided by this (they're Enterprise-level across all Hubs).

I could've sworn you used to be able to have multiple sandboxes... See More
Carina Duffy
Hmmmm I can't actually remember whether or not they ever said you could have multiple... I wonder if that's something that's coming they maybe just don't have enough service space for it or something?
We had a fantastic discussion around this topic of "staying on the path" in our Executives mastermind group this week and I want to open that discussion to the larger leadership community.

Some thoughts we shared around sticking to the fundamentals: It starts with the leaders of your organization to live and breathe these principles The team will linger to their old ways if the habits are not regularly reinforced and recognized AND when challenges arise in their roles Building a strong foundation for content creation and consumption through your website, CRM, and staff is crucial Always celebrate the wins and lessons learned, big or small Content managers and videographers deserve to have a seat at the table and should be integrated into... See More
Carina Duffy
Hey  Dale Pease ! I'd agree here - it sounds like HubSpot would be a great fit for capturing new leads and guiding/educating (and of course tracking) them through the sales process, then connect HubSpot to your current CRM for all of the operational stuff.
Hi Hubspotters! I hope you are all so well.

I am looking for an easy way to track sales reach outs in the sales process before calling a deal "dead". Is there a way to pull this data in an easily trackable form?

1) You filled out a form to connect with us- automatically creating a deal in our dash
2) Sales reaches out to you with no contact on first, second, third, and so on times.
3) Sales called deal dead and places in "Struck out"/closed-lost.

I want to be able to see that we are making the appropriate amount of touches for first interactions and in between if possible (say going from qualified to proposal shared).

Make sense? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help in advance!

-David See More
Carina Duffy
David Roberge have you looked at using the "Number of sales activities" property? ("the total number of sales activities (notes, calls, emails, meetings, tasks, or chats) logged for the contact") - that sounds like what you're looking for, but let me know if it's more nuanced than that!
If you haven't heard, Apple's been rolling out new features that allow users to opt out of email tracking, as well as to effectively hide their personal email address (think: burner email addresses).

The big question then becomes:what the heck does this actually mean for me and my email marketing in HubSpot?

Well lucky for you (and me), the HubSpot gods have heard and answered our prayers!

Here's an awesome breakdown of what the updates are and how exactly they'll effect things in HubSpot (like: open rates, contact properties, workflows, etc).

How is everyone else feeling about these updates now that they're actually going live?? See More
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Good morning Content Community!

I've been noticing lately that my low-tier wireless keyboard has been letting me down lately.

It's been missing keystrokes, keys sticking (so if I'm backspacing I lose whole chunks of sentences ) , and other deal-breaking "features" especially when writing content.

I've done all I can from a software perspective so I think it's time for an upgrade.

So, what are you all using? Have you found that certain types of keyboards or certain features tend to work better than others?

Wired vs. wireless?
Standard keyboard vs. gaming keyboard?
Mechanical vs. optical switches?

Thanks! See More
Carina Duffy
LOL  Nick Bennett  thanks for the shoutout. I love my wired Logitech mechanical keyboard (and Corsair wired mouse), but I should let you know that I only have it because my workstation doubles as my husband's gaming/music producing station (so... it's really his keyboard) :D there is something to the feeling of a mechanical keyboard that I love, and having a nice ergonomic mouse is great too. (I do have a backup wireless Apple keyboard and mouse if I need to travel, but when I use them now I can feel my joints revolting)
Big news from the HubSpot world came out last night!

In September, Brian Halligan will be stepping in as Executive Chairman, with Yamini Rangan, previously the Chief Customer Officer, will be replacing him as the new CEO.

You can check out the full article on the HubSpot website, linked above.

Would love to hear some immediate reactions! From everything I've read and heard, there's a lot of excitement about this move both internally and in the broader HubSpot community. See More
Carina Duffy
Since Yamini's been filling in for Brian the last several months, I figured this might be a possibility for when he returned - Yamini's been doing an awesome job!
Holy moly there's a new HubSpot hub! A few things I'm excited about: Custom coded workflow actions (if you know JS, you could pretty much make HubSpot doanything) Better data syncing to other platforms Check it out here.

What do you all think?? Is this something you think you'll use? See More
Good morning all,

What's something you've done recently that surprised you in a positive way?

For example, I recently began writing more frequently again. It's something I haven't done regularly and at scale for a while. I knew Ihave done it. I felt Icould do it. But it was still a great feeling to actually throw myself into it again and feel like I was producing good work at scale.

Kind of like an athlete coming back from an injury and there's those initial few moments where they're not sure how their healed injury is going to hold up.

What's yours? See More
Carina Duffy
I just finished reading a non-work, completely-for-fun fiction book (The Water Dancer) - I've always said that I'm "not a reader" but in this season of life I'm learning that I totally am! It's been such a great way to relax and decompress without being on a screen. I can't wait to start my next one :) 
Is anyone using more than one HubSpot pipeline? We have three pipelines and now have a need to have different default fields for one of them. It doesn't look like it's possible. Trying to find any handy solutions. We have one idea, but it's a bit of extra work and probably annoying for users. Thanks in advance! And thanks, Stephanie Baiocchi for letting me know about this! See More
Carina Duffy
Hey  Rebecca Whitney ! Totally picking up what you're putting down. Just to confirm - you're talking about default fields that are required when a user is creating a deal? Or are you talking about the fields that show up on the lefthand "About" side of the deal record?
Good morning all,

What's your favorite or go-to quiz/tool/book for learning more about your professional or personal strengths?

I've had an interest in diving into this more but it seems like there's so many out there that I'm not sure where to start.

All suggestions welcome but free is always a good thing in this regard and preferably things that are a bit more insightful than say a Buzzfeed "Which Hogwarts House Are You?" quiz (you know, the ones that go something like: "Q: How do you handle this situation? A: 1. Bravely 2. Intelligently 3. Yellow 4. Like a snake"). See More
Carina Duffy
We recently did StrengthsFinder as a company and I personally loved it - I would recommend getting the book (that comes with a free code to take the assessment) to really be able to apply learnings from the assessment.

I am currently a big Enneagram fan (I think this was the free assessment I took but I am such an obvious 3 I didn't really need it... lol) for both personal and professional applications.

One that I haven't heard much about but that I really enjoyed getting into several years ago was the 7 Fascination Languages. They have "archetypes" based on your top two languages which I found really interesting (my top two are Power and Prestige, which makes me either The Victor or The Maestro - although I think mine might be different ow that it's been a few years and I'm in a much different place!).

Can you tell I love this stuff?? :D
Hi all!

Want to be featured on an upcoming episode of The Hubcast?

Share a story of a HubSpot win you've had in a comment below! (bonus points if you record a GoVideo!)

It can be anything - from running a successful campaign with great analytics, to figuring out a way to hack the platform to work for your team, to creating an awesome custom report.

Let's hear it! See More
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Just finished doing new business commission reports for referral partners. However the system makes me do a separate report for renewal. Anybody know how to combine this See More
Carina Duffy
Chris Greene  not totally sure I'm tracking - can you record a quick video with what you're looking for?
Hey guys,

Liz Moorehead and I record Content Lab each week. I use Audacity to produce it, but I find it to be glitchy at times.

What is anyone else using? (preferably something that's free) See More
Carina Duffy
I use Adobe Audition because I have a Creative Cloud subscription :D 
Is anyone else wondering: How the heck can I show my team that our They Ask You Answer Content is driving revenue for my organization??

I get this question ALL of the time!

So here's a HubSpot strategy to help you show your team that TAYA is driving revenue at your organization:
Check out this video:
Here are some TAYA campaign naming structures that the IMPACT HubSquad recommends: Assignment Selling -- TAYA Cost and Pricing -- TAYA Comparisons -- TAYA Problems -- TAYA Best of -- TAYA Reviews -- TAYA
What do you think? Could this work for you and your team? See More
Carina Duffy
Yes!! I wonder if any other TAYA veterans have other ways they've chosen to structure their campaigns that has worked for them??