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The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else first - Seek to bless, not impress

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The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else first - Seek to bless, not impress
Hi Everyone!

After talking with Becca Manganello , she encouraged me to post here and ask for advice about tracking KPIs.

Jennifer Barrell showed some excellent KPI tracking report examples in her course, How to Determine Your They Ask, You Answer Content KPIs.

I have some experience tracking metrics and have started to put together a general KPI tracking worksheet that will be used by members of the sales and marketing teams.

Are there...
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Briana Meisel
Hi Alex! Jen's course has landed you in exactly the right spot 🥳 Here is a little "cheat sheet" that includes written content KPIs, as well as video KPIs to track. Within this doc you'll see a content homebase linked.... take a peek at tab 2- this might be a helpful organizational tool to utilize. 

Have fun! 🤘
I am the content manager of an app development company, and I have been implementing TAYA since December, primarily through written content, with very little result.

After looking at the success stories and subsequent web content, it's obvious that video is likely to be a game changer. Will videos do better as stand alone content or embedded in a piece of written content on the same subject?

I just joined Impact+ and plan on watching...
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Briana Meisel

Video for you, Tina 😊

Resources Mentioned (Written Content)

Resources Mentioned (Video Content): 

Hi all! Becca Manganello encouraged me to share my content update process. I've been using it since last June to keep our entire company (16 of us) informed about new blogs on Zoe Marketing & Communication's website.

Each week, I send out a simple email + quick Vidyard (2-3 minutes tops, usually) highlighting the new content. I try to mention how sales can use it, and/or how it's valuable to our in-house team — as well as folks that...
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Briana Meisel
This is 🔥 Thanks for sharing, Kim!!
Is there an article about using headers and why they are important that someone can share a link to with me? Thanks!
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Briana Meisel
Taffy Ragan  - A great habit to get your new writer into would be to create stand-alone headers prior to creating their draft. 

Each header should pass "the google test." If you took just the header and put it into Google's search bar would it yield search results that are on topic with what we're hoping this article to be about? This should give your writer some context to know if any of their headers need to be reworked or any keywords should be added to really narrow in on what actual question/phrase someone would google (aka allowing Google to index our article and have it pop up in search results)

You've written your heart out and you're ready to publish your 1st blog... but are you really ready?

How can you know? How do YOU, personally, know your blog is ready to go live?

Make a list of what a "ready to be published" article looks like to you.
What needs to be on this list?
Who is this article for?
What stage in your buyer's journey would your intended reader be in?
What would qualify as "not ready to be published," in your mind?

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I'd be lying if I said I always come up with perfect blog article titles... sometimes brain fog takes over and it is just downright hard to think!

On days like that, I turn to one of IMPACT's amazzzzzing resources The Blog Title Generator.

Have you tried this yet?

What is the next topic you're wanting to write about?
Test out your ideas by utilizing our blog title generator

Is this something you can see yourself utilizing on a regular...
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"I need to figure out my SEO strategy before I start writing"
"I think I'm doing SEO, so I should see some results really soon- then I'll map out my content strategy"
"I want my content to be seen so I'm going to really dive into SEO first"
"As long as I'm following SEO best practices my content will make a massive impact on my business"

As a content trainer, I hear cringy statements like this all the time You may be thinking, "but Briana, SEO...
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