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Bernie Mitchell
Delighted this has arrived! 

Zig Ziglar Secrets of Closing the Sale
I just finished reading Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale: For Anyone Who Must Get Others to Say Yes! and absolutely fell in love with the Price vs cost discussion (and honestly this book as a whole).

What's the difference between price and cost?

Price is a one-time agreement, right at the initial purchasing decision. The cost is the long-term quality for the entirety of the agreement, including upgrades, repairs, improvements, etc.

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Bernie Mitchell
I got the audio of this - it's only 4 hours ;-) 

The price conversation has always been a weak point for me.
We are in the process of hiring a content manager (early stages.) One thing I want to make clear is that reading books is an important part of the job. If you were to put together a list of books that would help a content manager thrive in the first year, what would they be? Maybe one book a month. So, give me your top 12.1. They Ask, You Answer (Obviously.)
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Bernie Mitchell
Content Rules is the "OG" content book! 
Hey all,

I posted this in Impact Elite but I wanted to get some feedback from other owners and CEO's on hiring a Web Developer for our company.

We are in the beginning stages of hiring a Web Developer for our company. This will be the first time hiring for this position and I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on best practices in ensuring we get great candidates and that we make a great hire.

Any help or feedback in this endeavor...
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Bernie Mitchell
Hello Brian Dalinghaus

We have Venice on our team (she is in here somewhere too) who worked with us before we join the company.

We have a few projects around what we do and Venice is our 'in house WordPress person. 

Her best attributes are she loves learning and solving problems.

Also for 99.9% of things we ask her to 'trust her gut' and come up with what she thinks in best. 

And 99.9% it is way better than what we had in mind. 

I've been around WordPress for twelve years now and have worked with a lot of people. 

But having someone 'in the house' who is always training and developing and is part of the team is AMAZING. 

I don't think it is the only way, but having someone in the company who is in love with your website/s maybe even more than you is great. 

Give me a shout if you want to ask anything else. 


Hello, Sisters and Brothers of Impact.

Can I have some opinions here, please?

We're a new 'start up' Velvet Platform and of course, we're going to start an email newsletter - that is all sorted.

I am the COO and 'champion and voice of the company.'

My idea was the weekly email newsletter would come from an email with my name eg bernie@companyname or bjm@compnayname.

Not for my ego, but to get a personal connection with people.

I've been...
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Many of us have read lots of books throughout our careers, but I'm sure we all have that one book we always think of and recommend. What's that book for you?
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Bernie Mitchell
That book is 12 Week Year ever week for four years my friend Karen and I have had a 'WAM' call - "Weekly Accoutnablily Meeting" to share progress. 

By committing to this process more and more overall that time I've got to know myself better.

I've had a few reality checks about how much focus and commitment is needed to keep on track!