Bala Paranj

Joined April 2022
I have found a validated idea for a software product. A 3 years old startup is tackling this problem and recently got a Series A funding.

I am planning to document everything from building the product, finding the idea and share it freely on my blog. The idea is by giving away the quality content, the developers will realize how much work is required to build a product in this market. So, it will be easy to make the decision between developing this product from scratch vs buying my product.

By sharing my knowledge, I am sharing the best practices and how to build using the latest tools that is available to build, deploy, secure and manage the product. I am answering their questions that they ask on forums and search engines. I am planning... See More
My name is Bala Paranj. I have a technical background. I am currently working on finding qualified prospects to have one on one conversations to discuss the frustrations and challenges that they are facing at work.

My desired outcome is scheduling one on one Zoom call via scheduleonce scheduling tool. I have read the book They Ask, You Answer. Since my outcome is not selling, I have done keyword research and have collected the questions relevant to my market. How do I go about applying the principles of They Ask, You Answer for my situation? What search intent category should I target in my content? I am not sure whether I should target informational, navigational, commercial or transactional search intent. See More