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Hi! I am Aurelie. I have years of experience in B2B marketing, for large corps and recently for smaller companies. I have also experience as a solopreneur, selling consulting services. I am working on two new projects on my own. My current home is in NYC. 
Hi everyone,
I am looking for advice and experience sharing in growing an audience for a newsletter.

I launched last November with the intent of creating content for IT leaders who want to help their company grow the business. I write in French to tap into my existing Linkedin network and test the concept.

My goals are as follow: Know more about my core audience of IT leaders, and possibly create new relationships beyond my existing network, Create unique content that I can translate and reuse for my future blog (on, Work with software vendors on some content (videos, mini-demos). Those vendors are my potential paying clients. QUALITY is essential, meaning that I prefer fewer people but... See More
I feel like I'm in somewhat of a niche market as the marketing director for an air medical company. We provide pilots/mechanics for air medical aircraft (mostly helicopters).

I downloaded the "how to do keyword research" playbook and I can't seem to hone in on keywords that have really high search volume besides: how much is a helicopter helicopter parts and a few airframe specific searches
And those are in relation to completions, which we also do.

How do you go about finding your keywords when it seems no one is doing much searching? I am hoping to use data like this to get my team on board with more content, but I'm a little disheartened. Most of the search volume for phrases like "aircraft operations," "children's hospital... See More
Aurelie Giard
Very interesting discussion, thank you all!
Hi everyone, I am new to this community, and I'd love to have your input.

As I listen to @Liz Moorehead's course "How to Build a Content Strategy", I am trying to figure out if I understand the topic cluster's concept well. As Liz explains, I need to think about what I want my company to be known for.

The website I am building is focused on one technology. Imagine that this technology is blockchain. My initial thought is, "okay, blockchain is my topic, and the subtopics are: Use cases Case studies Products and vendors Pros and cons Cost Getting started etc." Then I realized that I would end with just one topic cluster. It looks like it's not what Liz suggests.
If I consider a topic like "blockchain ecosystem", the subtopics would be:... See More