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Hey, I'm a marketing manager about to embark on a more senior post (head of marketing) at an ecommerce agency. I would love to hear from seasoned agency leaders/marketers what you advise should be the key priorities/achievements in my first 100 days?

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We've been struggling to measure the performance of all the great content we're developing. I have 2 questions:

1. I'm curious to hear what others are currently tracking and measuring!
2. We're using HubSpot, and we have content in our blog (in both English and French), as well as longer form content built in web pages and landing pages (case studies, ultimate guides). This may be a rookie question, but does anyone know how we can build reporting across the blog + web pages + landing pages to identify the best performing pieces? I know there's reporting available for the top performing blog articles, but we want to capture metrics from our landing pages and web pages too. Any guidance would be appreciated and would surely save me lots of... See More
Annee Sian
Hi Sally,

You're lucky you have Hubspot, especially with the need to prove real business impact. 

In terms of what content metrics to measure, at a high Ievel, I focus on understanding how much revenue individual pieces have generated. I'm still feeling my way around attribution reporting but certainly this feature is going to answer those questions. At a more granular level, especially is SEO and CRO are part of your strategy, you'll want to measure things like organic traffic, bounce rates, conversions and SERP rankings. 

To help with your second question, I think what you could try is to leverage Hubspot's analytical views feature. Here, you can set up different views (or content clusters) e.g. sales pages or a specific subset of landing pages which you can then select when viewing website analytics. You can also set up this sort of thing as segments in Google Analytics.

Hope this helps.


Hey there content managers!

When you come up with a content idea, how do you decide if it should turn into an article, a video, or both?

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Annee Sian
Hey John,

We've only just started out with a revenue team methodology however, it felt a little unnatural to me to ask the sales team what format a suggested content piece should take.

For me, this has almost always been a marketing decision. And these decisions usually factor in things like competitor research, time available, cost and also my experience. Also, in the teams I've worked in, it's always been by sales folk as part of marketing's remit.

So, while it never harms to encourage opinions on these things, I do think the task of format decision rests more on the marketing contingent, especially if cost is a big factor. 

Hope that helps!
Hi all,

Does anyone have any handy tips for briefing/feeding back to outsourced writers?

I'm pretty new to using outside help for written content creation...I've done it a couple of times recently with two different writers with varying results. I have tendancy to over-edit too, which I know isn't great and perhaps more a reflection on my briefing skills!

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I remember seeing a video clip Liz Moorehead did recently that showed her briefing a writer...been trying to relocate it as I think that would help.

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Shout out to Katie Bowles at Mazzella who absolutely killed it with her recent implementation of a Choose Your Own Adventure-style lead nurture strategy. I love seeing my clients succeed (and generate some sweet, sweet influenced revenue!)

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Annee Sian
Read this article with enthusiasm as I'm about to embark on a similar task. Got some great ideas so thank you!