Anj Bourgeois

Content Marketing Trainer for TAYA Clients

Joined April 2022


"Anj, what do you think about transitioning to Catcher?"

Junior year of college, my eyes changed direction on the baseball field: moving from 2B to C.

Once I understood mastering the fundamentals would determine my level of success…

I obsessed over the fundamentals of catching. 

Since then, my eyes have changed directions as I've had new jobs.

And I saw the fundamentals everywhere:
Catching. Leadership. School. Faith. Culture. Relationships. Business. Sales. Marketing

Fundamentals are the same everywhere.

I’ve learned they’re #simplebuthard

Since hanging up my cleats, I've explored the fundamentals in the working world:

High School Ministry - Discipleship, Relationship and Communication

Digital Media Startup - SEO, Web Design, Upwork, and Operations + Project Management

Shipping Consultant - Sales Framework, Logistics, Communication, and Setting Clear Expectations

Next Level Catching Academy - Copywriting, Content Creation, and Coaching for Impact

Cintas - New Business Sales, LinkedIn, and Storytelling

Impact Plus - HubSpot Certified, TAYA, Client Communication

Now, my eyes are focused on unlocking potential in myself and others.

I'd love to connect - how can I help you in your fundamentals?

GiANT Certifications:
Coach, 5 Voices, Leader Intensive, 100X

5 Voices: Creative, Connector, Pioneer | MBTI: INFJ | Enneagram 1w2 | Working Genius: GW/ID/TE | Strengths Finder: Discipline, Includer, Developer, Learner
Learning slowly will kill your goals.

Especially as a content manager or videographer.

When a CM or videographer onboards, there's a big learning curve.

They need to learn: PEP intros 4R conclusions Standalone headers How to prioritize content How to find search intent And so much more... Quick learners develop high skill in short time.

Slow learners develop low skill in high time.

The main difference?

The TIGHTNESS of the feedback loops.

How do you tighten your feedback loops?
1. Setting goals
2. Failure
3. Learning principles
4. Improving
5. Setting new goals

So tighten your feedback loops to get off to a strong start!

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"My elbow is killing me," my college baseball teammate said to the trainer.

"It's not your elbow that's the problem. Your shoulder and lats are WAY too tight."

Many of us have had this experience with back or neck pain as well.

And any trainer or doctor worth their salt will always direct you to identify the area causing the pain. Not the area that is hurting.

So while your back may be hurting, the cause of the pain is something next to it (hips, neck, shoulders, quads, etc).

The adjustment is to then stretch and strengthen the muscles around the area where the pain is.

This same principle happens in content.

Oftentimes the "pain" will happen at the final revision stage, but the cause of the pain happens much earlier.

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Make sure to "Seas the day" with your anchor text. Here's how:

1. Let's define what anchor text is: the hyperlinked text in a sentence.

2. Does it matter?
Yes! For people and search engines.
a) People - it's a poor user experience when you say 'click here.'
b) Search engines - Google wants to see context around what is being linked to, and if there's only generic text linked, you may get penalized. 3. What's a bad example?
A bad use of anchor text is when we don't give any context to what is being linked to.
For example, linking “Click here” “here” doesn't give any info about where you're linking to.

ex. "Register for an introductory appointment using the form below, or click here to connect with our team for more information." 4. What's a... See More