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Joined April 2022


"Anj, what do you think about transitioning to Catcher?"

Junior year of college, my eyes changed direction on the baseball field: moving from 2B to C.

Once I understood mastering the fundamentals would determine my level of success…

I obsessed over the fundamentals of catching. 

Since then, my eyes have changed directions as I've had new jobs.

And I saw the fundamentals everywhere:
Catching. Leadership. School. Faith. Culture. Relationships. Business. Sales. Marketing

Fundamentals are the same everywhere.

I’ve learned they’re #simplebuthard

Since hanging up my cleats, I've explored the fundamentals in the working world:

High School Ministry - Discipleship, Relationship and Communication

Digital Media Startup - SEO, Web Design, Upwork, and Operations + Project Management

Shipping Consultant - Sales Framework, Logistics, Communication, and Setting Clear Expectations

Next Level Catching Academy - Copywriting, Content Creation, and Coaching for Impact

Cintas - New Business Sales, LinkedIn, and Storytelling

Impact Plus - HubSpot Certified, TAYA, Client Communication

Now, my eyes are focused on unlocking potential in myself and others.

I'd love to connect - how can I help you in your fundamentals?

GiANT Certifications:
Coach, 5 Voices, Leader Intensive, 100X

5 Voices: Creative, Connector, Pioneer | MBTI: INFJ | Enneagram 1w2 | Working Genius: GW/ID/TE | Strengths Finder: Discipline, Includer, Developer, Learner