Anj Bourgeois

Content Marketing Trainer for TAYA Clients

Joined April 2022


"Anj, what do you think about transitioning to Catcher?"

Junior year of college, my eyes changed direction on the baseball field: moving from 2B to C.

Once I understood mastering the fundamentals would determine my level of success…

I obsessed over the fundamentals of catching. 

Since then, my eyes have changed directions as I've had new jobs.

And I saw the fundamentals everywhere:
Catching. Leadership. School. Faith. Culture. Relationships. Business. Sales. Marketing

Fundamentals are the same everywhere.

I’ve learned they’re #simplebuthard

Since hanging up my cleats, I've explored the fundamentals in the working world:

High School Ministry - Discipleship, Relationship and Communication

Digital Media Startup - SEO, Web Design, Upwork, and Operations + Project Management

Shipping Consultant - Sales Framework, Logistics, Communication, and Setting Clear Expectations

Next Level Catching Academy - Copywriting, Content Creation, and Coaching for Impact

Cintas - New Business Sales, LinkedIn, and Storytelling

Impact Plus - HubSpot Certified, TAYA, Client Communication

Now, my eyes are focused on unlocking potential in myself and others.

I'd love to connect - how can I help you in your fundamentals?

GiANT Certifications:
Coach, 5 Voices, Leader Intensive, 100X

5 Voices: Creative, Connector, Pioneer | MBTI: INFJ | Enneagram 1w2 | Working Genius: GW/ID/TE | Strengths Finder: Discipline, Includer, Developer, Learner

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