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Joined July 2021


POWER UP Video Studios

Dec 2014 - Present

Amy Garelick, a masterful storyteller and the dynamic founder & CEO of POWER UP Video, has channeled her diverse career experience into fostering creativity combined with effective strategies through video content. Her journey began with a tenure of over 15 years at the enchanting universe of Disney Media and Special Event Production. Today, she effectively uses that expertise to infuse a sprinkle of magic into unique experiences within POWER UP's wonderful world of video content.

As the creative director at POWER UP, Amy's passion for storytelling transcends the conventional. She has a remarkable knack for utilizing narratives to forge meaningful connections with diverse audiences, communicating not just messages but experiences.

Amy's sphere of influence isn't just confined to the entrepreneurial realm. Her compassion and commitment to community service are equally commendable. Amy lends her support to numerous non-profit organizations, playing diverse roles from being a committed volunteer, a strategic consultant, a devoted board member, to even serving as an executive director. Her tireless drive to instigate positive change and her relentless spirit is a source of inspiration to many.

Amy has further evolved her professional portfolio by incorporating They Ask, You Answer Certified Coaching, which is an inbound marketing framework shaping the future of marketing and sales content.  She strives to empower her coaching clients to learn how to create effective video content through this innovative framework. Amy is a disrupter, cementing her reputation as a forward-thinking leader in her field.

Though always excited to travel to her clients, Amy also enjoys the comfort of her video studios in Richmond, Virginia.  If you can't find her, she's probably with her family in a Disney Theme Park.  She cherishes every moment spent with her husband Kenny, their two sons, Colin & Ryan, and their adorable rescue pup, Princess Leia.