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Moving people closer to their goals + dreams each and every day
I'm re-evaluating our BetterBookClub library here in IMPACT+ and am looking for input on which books are currently in our library, which should be added, and how we can make these resources as valuable as possible for all of you!

Please drop any books or authors you highly recommend for sales and marketing success in the thread below so we can ensure they're all included. This'll be an evolving library and we want to make sure anything worth reading makes it in there.

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Allison Riggs
SEO for Everyone, Radical Candor, Impact Players, Building a Storybrand, Say What You Mean, The Coaching Habit --- just to name a few for you!
I have a 5,000 plus word blog post called The VA Home Loan Ultimate Guide.

I'd like to create more ultimate guides with the other types of mortgages (FHA, USDA, conventional).

The problem is only the middle part of the blog where I talk about the credit score, debt, income, property condition is different based on the mortgage.

The beginning and end of the buying process doesn't change because of the mortgage.

Would I be okay do ultimate guides on each mortgage type and keep the beginning and end, but only change the middle section? Basically duplicating the a portion of the blog.

If not, what be the best approach to doing ultimate guides for each mortgage? Should I have separate sections for each type of mortgage? Or should I just stick to... See More
Allison Riggs
Shanequa Jones - agreed with Kimberly on always freshening up your content if they are different pieces. Also, you will have different pain points and potential audiences for each of these loans. How can you leverage those different audiences to create tailored and specific content around each loan? What are the pain points for this type of loan, and who is the typical best fit for this type of loan? 
We are a six person team looking for a system/tool to manage the content publishing process. We are evaluating CoSchedule and Anyone have experience with CoSchedule? What tools does your team use to communicate and manage content creation? What would you suggest? See More
Allison Riggs
What are you ultimately trying to do with the tool? Track the progress; communicate; assign tasks? I've used Trello in the past and it works really well for content process and editorial calendar. 
Hey Everyone,

Anyone have an email validator they like? Need to test about 1,300 emails.

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Allison Riggs
If you need another vote for Kickbox, you've got one from me! Easy to use, great integrations like Stephanie mentioned AND their customer support was awesome! Happy emailing. :) 

We just signed a new contract for a deal worth $1,000,000 per year. The first interaction (and the 3rd, 4th, and 5th) were blog posts I wrote. TAYA in Action!

Interestingly, they called us and did not submit their email, so how do I know it was from a blog I wrote?

I set the date range in the Geo reports in Google Analytics under Search Console to Jan 1, 2013 – today and am ONLY TRACKING return visitors from Totowa, NJ 07512 (location of the client). There have only been three return customers during that time, 2 of which visited and revisited the site on 10/1/2019.

However, by tracking the landing pages of the most recent visitor and looking at this report, you can see that the first time that visitor from our client visited us was on... See More
Allison Riggs
I can't see them either :(