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Made a quick video to elaborate on what i'm running into when reaching out to companies who have 0 videos or video strategy.
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I know I should host my own videos on Wistia or Vidyard. I read some of the impact blogs and they suggest Vidyard Professional. If my plan is to have 100 new videos this year with a Hubspot website and learning center, should I invest the $300 per month and start with Vidyard Teams? Also, what are the most important features for TAYA? Is it Calls-to-Action, Embedding, Viewer Contacts Center? Also, how important is it on our website to use embedding vs. link sharing? See More
Ali Hammoud
Hey Larry! This is a great question, it sounds like you're looking at video as an overall strategy which is a great start.

With the teams package you will have access to a centralized platform that will enable you to both embed these 100 videos to your site with calls-to-actions (for conversion) and you'll also have access to using the sales tool (3 users total with teams). A cool example of a sales use case. with teams is housing all video content in the platform and enabling your team to easily access them and use them in a sales cycle by creating a folder with marketing videos that your team can send off with CTA's attached. Teams builds a good foundation to an overall video strategy (sales and marketing) and has the benefits of the features you listed.

Pro would be a great tool to use if you're an individual sales person looking to get rid of the vidyard branding on the free tool for when you are creating videos with the recording tool and/or are looking to simply embed up to 20 videos on your site. 

In short it all depends on where you're at in your strategy! 

Note: Embedding is good for videos on your website that are used for demand generation. Link sharing is good for when you need these videos to be agile (i.e sales sending a demo video to be sent through Linkedin, email and other channels)