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Who's attending INBOUND this year?? Are you going in-person or virtually? Let me know! I'm working on some fun things to potentially happen in conjunction with INBOUND :) See More
Aaron Boatin
I’ll be there, in person!
Burning money is NOT THE ANSWER when it comes to websites!

Take it from Liz Murphy and Alex Winter - There is a better way to invest in your website. Learn how to turn your website into your #1 revenue driver at the Website Optimization Summit, a virtual event on March 23rd.

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Aaron Boatin
Well done, Liz and Alex!
Hey Content Managers! Since you would probably be the go-to for newsletters, I'm looking for tips, ideas, examples, and inspiration you use for newsletters. These could be examples of newsletters you really like, sections you enjoy seeing in the newsletters, or maybe even things you really don't like seeing!

I ask because I want to continue innovating our IMPACT+ Digest that I send each Tuesday as well as looking for inspiration for a new project I'm creating about events (top secret information).

Can't wait to see what this group sends my way! See More
Aaron Boatin
Great timing. We are working on a quarterly customer news letter as part of this this quarter's rocks. 

Thanks  Chris Marr for some examples to check out.

I'm wrestling with textual versus graphical. 
  • My fear with is that with textual, the recipient's response might be TL;DR
  • With graphical, there is a fine line between immediate perception of value and the brain telling the receipt it is another ad / spam message. (hopefully our clients won't feel that way)
I'm interested in the topic of newsletters. What's the best way for me to do a kind of universal search on that topic? See More
Aaron Boatin
+1 for adding Search to Impact+