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I'd love to know what books everyone is reading, even if they aren't super business-y! See More
Vin Gaeta
Wrapped up Radical Candor a week or so ago and got The Experience Economy by Joesph Pine and James Gilmore delivered - excited to dive in. 
I’m looking to create some first-time branding assets for my video launch. My target audience is business owners. I’m Looking for a suggestion or two of exactly what package I should buy on Videohive or RocketStock to get started with assets to use with Premiere Pro. I’m looking for a logo bumper and intro, lower third graphic, segment title overlays and full sentence takeaway statements. See More
Vin Gaeta
Hey Larry Kagan

Like Connor mentioned, we've had a lot of success using Envato Elements for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The plan is pretty dang affordable if you plan on using a few different packages over time. 

Most of them come with easy to use settings so it's quick to drop them in and start creating. 

Did you have a specific reason for wanting to use VideoHive or RocketStock? I'm sure their templates are similar - I just haven't used them personally.