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Last Updated: 11/29/22

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Company Alignment & Buy-in


Our company’s vision is to become the most trusted voice in our industry.

  • Leadership has made it a priority for our company to do what it takes to become the most trusted voice in our industry.
  • We have brilliant subject matter experts on our team that are willing and able to share their wisdom.
  • We’re “all-in” on becoming the leading educational resource for our customers - the Wikipedia of our space. We understand that if we don’t, one of our competitors will.
  • The way people buy has changed, therefore, the way we market and sell is constantly changing.

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Team Training


Every single person on our sales team, leadership team, and marketing team has been trained on the marketing and sales principles that work with today’s modern buyer.

  • We’ve had a company-wide sales and marketing training in the last 12 months.
  • The sales team fully understands and accepts their role in our digital sales and marketing initiative (they understand how it’s a sales-first initiative).
  • Our sales and marketing teams are provided ample training and professional development opportunities.
  • Everyone knows the results we’re seeing from our digital sales and marketing efforts and how it’s impacting sales.

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Content Creation


We’re consistently publishing the types of content that drives revenue and we're seeing a significant impact on sales.

  • We openly address the common, yet uncomfortable questions our potential customers ask when making buying decisions in comprehensive articles/guides. We specifically address questions around cost, problems, reviews, and competitors.
  • Our marketing team regularly collects the questions our customers ask during the sales process and creates a content editorial calendar based on those questions. 
  • We’re publishing at least three pieces of sales enablement content per week.
  • We’ve published at least 100 pieces of content in the last 12 months.

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Content Management

We have a person on staff whose ONLY responsibility is to manage our content marketing efforts (content manager).

  • They do not wear multiple hats or are forced to deprioritize content creation efforts due to competing priorities or distractions.
  • They make sure we’re publishing at least three pieces of content per week.
  • They are empowered to create a culture of content in the organization.
  • They are provided ample professional development opportunities to stay ahead of digital marketing trends.

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Assignment Selling

The majority of our sales team effectively assigns learning materials as part of the sales process. Because of this, we have improved our sales metrics.

  • The sales team uses written and video content to educate buyers prior to meeting with them — always.
  • Every communication from our sales and marketing teams is educational.
  • Our sales cycle has sped up because our buyers are ready to buy when they meet with a salesperson.
  • Our closing rates have increased because our buyers are ready to buy when they meet with a salesperson.

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Data and Technology Adoption

We have a data-driven understanding of our buyers.

  • We are using a CRM that’s integrated with our marketing tools and analytics.
  • Sales reps have access to detailed analytics/contact records showing the entire history of a prospect’s interaction with our website and online marketing content.
  • Sales reps see how prospects interacted with our website, articles, videos, and marketing emails.
  • The leadership team agrees that our sales team is using the CRM correctly.

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Website UX

Content that answers the majority of the questions our potential customers ask during the sales process — especially about pricing — are easy to find on our website.

  • We’ve made it easy for website visitors to find and consume our best content.
  • The majority of our sales leads have already consumed more than 10 pieces of content on our website.
  • The sales team knows how to find the content they’re looking to use with prospects on our website.
  • We include pricing in our navigation and have made it quickly accessible from any page on our website.

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Video Sales & Marketing

We effectively use video in both our marketing and our sales process.

  • We have a full-time videographer on staff that dedicates 100% of their time creating videos for marketing and sales.
  • Our sales reps are using video during the sales process, including video meetings, video assignments, 1:1 videos in emails, and bio videos in email signatures.
  • We have videos on all of our most important website pages, specifically product/service pages and landing pages.
  • We’re publishing at least 10 videos per month to be used for marketing and sales.

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Marketing Performance

We're seeing significant month over month growth in organic traffic, subscribers, and inbound leads.

  • Our website generates over 10,000 organic website visitors a month.
  • Our website traffic, subscribers, and inbound leads have all at least doubled in the last 12 months.
  • We're regularly using SEO tools, like SEMRush and Google Search Console to make smart SEO  decisions.
  • Our email subscriber list grows month over month, and we have above-average email marketing engagement metrics.

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Touchless Buying Experience

We’ve integrated tools into our website that allow prospects to select the product or service that’s right for them, see the price, and even checkout and onboard themselves to our product or service.

  • Prospects can complete the majority of the sales process touchlessly and/or virtually.
  • Prospects can calculate pricing on our website without needing to speak to a salesperson.
  • Our prospects can go further in the buying/onboarding process on our website than they can any competitor in our space.
  • Going through a buying process on our website is a delightful and educational experience.

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