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Jay Rossi
Is this content for Sales people to buyers or only for Content Marketers/Sales Managers?
Liz Murphy
Hey, Jay! Sorry I'm just seeing this! If I'm understanding your question correctly, this session is ideal for ANYONE (regardless of role) who is creating content for their company to drive more traffic, leads, and sales. Now, more often than not, this can be someone who is a content manager, content strategist, or someone else in with "content" in their title. But, honestly, ANYONE can use it.
Hey Liz, that was a great presentation, thanks for your time and effort! How can I get a hold of your notes? this is definitely something everyone needs to learn and I need master! :)
Liz Murphy
You are so welcome! Are you looking for any notes in particular?
Yes please! Id like the content compass and the notes that go with each of the 4 quarters on the page - that would be great! Although seemingly simple, I believe that if I can get this right it will be of huge benefit in converting content and save me a pile of hours of work at the same time - thanks in advance :)

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