Website UX

Content that answers the majority of the questions our potential customers ask during the sales process — especially about pricing — are easy to find on our website.

  • We’ve made it easy for website visitors to find and consume our best content.
  • The majority of our sales leads have already consumed more than 10 pieces of content on our website.
  • The sales team knows how to find the content they’re looking to use with prospects on our website.
  • We include pricing in our navigation and have made it quickly accessible from any page on our website.

Conduct a Website Throwdown on your website

IMPACT will share our professional feedback and first impressions on a variety of aspects of the chosen viewer sites including:
Copywriting (Value Propositions, Marketing Messaging, CTAs, etc.), User Experience, Design, and Overall Inbound Strategy. The outcome will be a concrete understanding of how your website is the ultimate selling machine and areas to optimize for immediate results.

Launch a Learning Center

A Learning Center on a company’s website becomes a natural means whereby to allow all your content to live in one place so that web visitors can find what they’re looking for and find it quickly. The outcome will be a concrete understanding of how a learning center allows prospects and customers to easily access educational content through ease of use and fostering trust.